Why You Need To Embrace Your Inner Perfectionist

When you type ‘perfectionism’ into Google (← I’ve done it for you) the most common theme you’ll come across is that it’s ‘bad’.

That it’s sin.

At least that’s what most articles on the internet want you to believe.

And I used to see it in a negative light too.

But here’s the thing, I believe there’s a lot more to this trait than just the ugly — it’s not always the bad guy in your story.

Sure, it can hold you back, cause you to procrastinate and put things off until tomorrow and make become your own worst enemy…

And I agree that when the goal is ‘perfection’ we’re left with a nagging sense of ‘failure’.

But what if this trait is at the core of your personality?

What if this trait is a big part of how the world sees you? And how you truly are without wearing any guard?

So I’m going to do a 180 and turn ‘perfectionism’ upside down and tell you why it isn’t such a bad thing after all and how YOU, yes you, can use it to your advantage to take on the world every frickin’ day.

Because my friend, this trait is a beautiful thing.

The Good Side Of ‘Perfectionism’

If you know me, you’ll know I’m crazy passionate about everything I do(everything, even down to the way I iron a shirt and compose a Facebook post)… and that I’m always seeking out new ways to take anything I’m working on to the next level.

(If you didn’t know me, you know now!)

And deep down, I’ve always felt proud to be known as a perfectionist.

Working diligently to deliver, being super organised and detail oriented has worked well. All the while, however, I’ve often felt plagued, rendered semi-paralyzed, rooted in fear — petrified to take that leap for fear of making a mistake — crazy huh?!

Until last year I was listening to a Podcast by the fantastic Jerod Morris and gorgeous @SallyHogshead all about the topic — ‘How The World Sees You’.

I was so fascinated by this, that I had to get my hands on the book and take part in the personality assessment — basically an in depth personality test that reveals your two dominant traits that you can use to your advantage and fully embrace, to blow the world away and do incredible things, by being completely YOU.

Just as imagined my two advantages turned out to be:

  • Passion
  • And, prestige

What they both mean?

In a nutshell people with the ‘Passion’ advantage:

  • Creates strong and immediate emotional connections
  • Communicates expressively (such as colourful language and humour)
  • Personal and professional style of interaction
  • Inspires people to become involved advocates
  • Attuned to the 5 senses: taste, touch, scent, sound, and sight
  • Quickly creates warm emotional connections

And the people with the ‘Prestige’ advantage:

  • Rapidly earns respect
  • Focuses on adding value through better execution
  • Conscientious of the smallest details
  • Motivated by a competitive spirit and determined outlook
  • Expects highest quality deliverables from self and others
  • Earns respect with higher standards

And once I digested all of this information, my outlook began to change.

Ever since I’ve been on a journey to accepting my inner perfectionist, loving her, and not letting her hold me back FROM making mistakes so I can learn and grow even more along the way.

So, would you agree now that when a natural personality trait of ‘passion’ and ‘prestige’ combined together = ‘perfectionism’ — wanting to do things to a high standard, work hard, dive into everything you do and enjoy life…Does it sound like such a bad thing after all?

I mean c’mon if people like Princess Diana, James Bond and Gordon Ramsay hold ‘Prestige’ too, I say that’s pretty bad-ass!

By nature, perfectionists are hard workers who maintain very lofty goals.

Shouldn’t we encourage these qualities in everyone? So what if they come with a dash of OCD and mania? If we take a positive spin on its most common meaning, we can really use it to our advantage.

So here’s my $0.02 for you:

Perfectionism itself isn’t the offender; allowing it to run rampant in its extreme form to the point that it jeopardizes your well-being is.

When you learn to embrace it fully, and let go, it can truly enhance productivity without compromising the pursuit of excellence.

Just leeeaan into it.


I want you to TWEET ME if you resonated with this in someway, or I’ll be sad — thanks for staying with me on this post, I love you all ❤


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