Why I’m An Early Riser, And The Lessons I’ve Learnt

It was September 2012 when I parted ways with my ‘night owl’ and long morning hugs with my duvet, and said hello to the sunrise and ran away with the sunset.

(In other words — no more late nights and hello early mornings).

And I’ve gotta’ say, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve EVER made.

The best ‘life-hack’ I’ve EVER implemented.

Why the change? Well it’s a BIG story, but it’s all thanks to my Coach, Brett.

Back in 2012 I was an ‘athlete’ — I trained in Martial Arts very, very seriously, I adored Road Cycling and also loved doing sprints in the Summer.

All was great, until I suffered a couple of injuries (so bad, I could barely get out of bed on my own) that I went to seek help.

Immediate help.

Now I thought Brett would ‘just’ help me get rid of the pain in my back, but ohhh no, he did way more than that…

The lessons and tools he taught me, (and forever continues to teach me), have changed my entire life on so many levels — sleep being one of the main turning points.

And because sooo many people ask me why I wake at 5:30/6:00 a.m everyday…

And because sooo many people call me ‘crazy’ for doing so…

And because sooo many say they’re ‘inspired’ by my energy in the morning to get up and go, but don’t know how I do it…

I wanted to write this post so YOU can benefit from early mornings too — because even if you think it’s impossible and that you’re a hardcore night owl, I’m telling you from being an ex-late night addict myself, ANYONE can do this, and it’s truly life changing.

So, What Have I Discovered By Sleeping Earlier And Waking Earlier?

In a nutshell? A lot.

Here’s 7 of my biggest learning points I want to share with you:

1. The Beauty In The Sunrise ☀️

People who wake late (later than 6 a.m or whenever the sun rises on your corner of the earth) miss one of the most beautiful feats of nature — the rise of the sun.

I love to watch how the day slowly grows brighter, when the dark sky transforms into light blue and when gorgeous colours begin to seep into the sky… This is the time I slowly walk to the gym and it feels like the rest of the world around you is still sleeping.

The sunrise gives you a chance to breathe in the new day, I urge you to watch one and you’ll experience something beautiful.

Mornings rock.

2. Quality, Quiet Time

There’s no cars zooming on by, no loud television noise from the apartment upstairs, no one talking ‘loud’, no kids yelling. The early hours are so peaceful — they provide you with real quality time with yourself to read, breathe, meditate and prepare to kick-ass for the day ahead!

‘You time’ is so important, to give you the headspace you need, to do the best you can each and every day — you owe it to yourself!

3. Morning Time = Best Time To Gym Time

As a former ‘athlete’ I love, love, LOVE the gym.

Call me a freak of nature, but I never need inspiration to get up and put my workout gear on.

Of course we’re all different, but my favourite and most optimal time to get myself into the weights room is as soon as the gym doors open. I’m a big believer in that exercise should energize you, not leave you feeling ‘dead’.

This is my favourite way to start the day.

And if you’re someone who does find the gym hard, why NOT get it done first thing in the morning? That way you won’t be spending the entire day thinking up reasons why you should skip it, PLUS the gym is nice and quiet so you basically have it allll to yourself 😉

4. Rise Early And You Actually Have Time For Breakfast 🍓🍳

As the cliche goes ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’…

Whatever, I say every meal is important, but anyway, how many times have you found yourself rushing around as soon as you decide to jump out of bed, and end up grabbing something really quick and convenient to eat to find you’re hungry very soon after?

Sucks doesn’t it. Well waking early means no more rushing around, and more time to eat a breakfast you love.

Without a nourishing breakfast your body is running on fumes until you are so hungry you’ll eat anything you can lay your eyes on.

Eating breakfast with no time constraints allows you to sit in peace with a book and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. So so sooo satisfying.

5. More Working Hours

I say ‘working hours’, what I mean is ‘play hours’ (because it’s play when you do something you ❤)

Since I started waking up at 5:30 a.m., I won back 2.5 hours of play per day.

How is that possible? I’m a morning kinda gal and after 7 p.m., I’m not as productive (I like to get the ‘toughest’ most ‘hardcore’ stuff done first). So, with my new wake-up time I won 2 extra hours where I can get great work done, and work on being the most productive version of me, I can be.

6. Enjoy Your Commute 🚗

No one likes rush-hour traffic. Commute early and the traffic is less rush, and more relaxed.

I’m blessed that I live a 15 minute walk away from our HQ (and sometimes if I want, I can even work from home or a coffee shop if I fancy), but because I like working from our base, I can take my time walking by the water, not rushing, and sometimes even add in a bit of walking meditation too.

Bliss! ✨

7. An Amazing Start To The Day 😎

Seriously, now I wake early and sleep early, I don’t know why I never have before!

My morning used to go like this:

Roll out of bed unwillingly (because I slept late).
Brush my teeth, shower, get dressed, grab a banana, go go go, feel a bit frantic because I’ve always been a time freak, then take a deep breath to start the day.

Now, my mornings go like this:

Wake up at 5:30 a.m.
Brush teeth etc., etc.,
Cook an awesome breakfast
Shower, sing loud and dance.
Take my time getting ready.
Read, sing, write, listen to podcasts and make my way to base!

What one sounds more appealing? My guess is the latter 😉

Next time around I’ll write tips on how you can start to make the change today, to help you enjoy early mornings more and not fear the alarm.

I hope I can inspire you to love early mornings too! ❤

Embrace the zZz’s.


TWEET ME if you enjoyed reading this, or I’ll be sad — thanks for staying with me on this post, I’m grateful for you all ❤

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3 thoughts on “Why I’m An Early Riser, And The Lessons I’ve Learnt

  1. angelspartaness says:

    Very nice post! I too also like getting up early. I used to be rushed and frazzled before work every single morning. It’s so much more relaxing and healthy to wake up early enough to ensure you can ease into your morning and day

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