Why I Don’t Own A TV 📺

Before I get into this post I want to set one thing straight — yes I don’t own a TV, but I have NOTHING against it…

I don’t see television as ‘bad’ or anything, I just don’t care to have one, and nor do I need one.

Now to a lot of people this is a genuine outrage… Seriously, it entertains me how some can’t handle it!

To show you what I mean, word for word here’s just a bunch of the comments I’ve been faced with:

“You’re joking with me…”
“How do you have fun without a TV?!
What do you do with your life at the weekend?!”
“Have you got yourself a TV yet?…”
“What are you up to this weekend, buying a TV 😂?”
What are we meant to do, if you don’t have a TV?”
“Your life must be boring.”

Did you raise your eyebrows at some of them?

Despite that a lot of people I know bring up the topic of my non-existent relationship with a TV screen with every new person I meet — I enjoy hearing how shocked people are! (Or maybe I’m just shocked at people’s reactions)…

I mean c’mon — “Your life must be boring”, “What do you do with your life?”… Is it just me, or are these kinda comments a bit scary just because I don’t have a TV?

So why haven’t I got one? And what do I do with my time instead?

Almost a year ago today I moved out. I flocked from my family home to set off on my own adventure, to begin living my dreams.

I didn’t move out the ‘normal way’, I moved out within the space of 3 weeks after saying ‘yes’ to the new opportunity in front of me.

So with only having 3 weeks to find a home, pack up all my belongings, buy things like knives and forks, a tool kit and all the basic stuff you never think of needing — I left without a sofa, coffee table, dining table, and yep… even a TV.

And since then, it’s NEVER crossed my mind to get one. AND I’ve never felt the ‘want’ to have one either.

In fact, the only thing I’d use it for would be to sync up my laptop and do work, (and ok, watch the odd netflix show), on a bigger screen.

And here’s the thing, life without one is great!!

  • I get to spend more time with ‘me’, and not numb out how I’m really feeling, and what I’m really thinking.
  • I’ve grown to be even more in-tune with myself and actually kick an eating disorder from years ago in the ass! (Or at least KNOW how to handle it, so I don’t kick my own ass with it again)
  • I no longer sling myself on the sofa and mindlessly flick through channels thinking I’m getting actual news — do I really need to know what celebrity is in rehab, or is pregnant? The news I need to know crops up on Facebook, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to soak up all the negativity.
  • Instead of staying up ‘late’ to watch a show — I now take a long bath, I read, I write (like I am this post right now!), I listen to podcasts, I cook, I dance, I’m PRESENT and in the NOW.
  • I get excited to try something new in my spare time, like hike somewhere I’ve never been before, take a walk around my town (that I still need to learn all about)
  • And when company comes over, I get to really learn about the person in front of me — because if we can have fun without the TV being on, then they’re a keeper in life!

TV is designed to be a big, glittery distraction. And although I never watched it much, if I did, I mainly used the tube to decompress after a long day, but perhaps more subconsciously the television helped me forget (for an hour or two) about whatever was really bugging me.

Having no TV to do that means I have to deal with issues head on and in real time. No distractions. No “I’ll get to it after I watch First Dates”… More, lets deal with what’s really going on so I can keep on growing to be a better version of ME.

Why don’t you give it a go? Set yourself a 30 days without TV challenge and see what really happens and the different things you fill up your time with… Believe me, it can do amazing things!


Have you ever lived without a TV? TWEET ME, I’d love to hear all about your experience — thanks for staying with me on this post, I’m grateful for you all ❤


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