Why You Should Express Your Creative Side (Even If No-one’s Watching) ✨

For the longest time (and even to this day), the writing life intimidated me.

What if what I’m trying to say, doesn’t make sense?

What if no-one reads it?

What if it’s a loada’ gibberish and won’t make a difference?

Why’s it any good if I’m the only one who is going to read it?

We’ve all heard that voice. The one that tells you nobody cares and runs through your mind each time your pick up a pen, or lay your fingers on the keyboard…

But everyone feels self-doubt at times.…Writing can be scary.

Not gonna’ lie!

Writing is hard (if you make it 😉)…

I’ve felt that self-doubt many times. But it’s something I’ve always desired to do and keep on getting better, and better and BETTER at.

And although I’m no ‘New York Times Best Selling Author’, or anything, I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned so far why about you should write often, even if no one’s reading it.

Because whether you write for a living, as part of your role, journal, for the fun of it, or even if it’s something you’ve been itching to do but haven’t done it yet — it’s a powerful tool…

  1. First off, writing can change lives. Whether that be turning someones bad day around with a few words, guiding someone out of hardship and helping people make better decisions. Never underestimate the power of words — something my Boss ALWAYS says to me and the team: “Words in the right order… Make all the difference.”
  2. It helps guide you on the road of self-exploration, rather than living a life of self-doubt.
  3. It’s fun. It’s good for the soul. It can help you make sense of what you think, heal and grow.
  4. It helps you become better at communicating. Seriously. Write out your thoughts as they are, and next time you’re talking with someone there could be more clarity.
  5. Writing isn’t about fancy words, long drawn-out sentences and A* grammar. It’s about connecting and communicating in a way with your reader in a way that explains your message clearly, so it MAKES SENSE to them. Screw the odd spelling mistake and out of place comma. It’s your intent that counts. 😉
  6. Don’t know what to write about? How about this: every experience is an opportunity for an entry. From the way you go about your mornings to the conversation you had with your friend. Everything you experience can be learned from. Tip: I use my notes app on my iPhone to jot down anything that can be turned into content.
  7. The only way to get better, whether it’s for your career or for fun, is to do more of it. It’s an investment in YOU.
  8. If I hadn’t pushed myself out of my comfort zone and faced uncertainty head on, then there’s no way I’d be where I am today doing something I’m crazy in love with that brings me joy. I don’t have thousands of followers, but I don’t need that. I’m living the life I want.
  9. It sheds light on truths you weren’t even looking for. At times when I write for myself, I end up learning more about who I am at the core. To find out what I mean, pick something you care passionately about, open a blank canvas and see what happens.
  10. It’s a form of meditation.
  11. Screw favourites, shares and like. Those are the wrong reasons to create and will only hold you back. This is your work, (and if it’s a business you write for, it’s work that impacts the life of others even if that is a small pocket of people!). Obsessing over social acceptance will get in your way of improvement, and enjoyment.
  12. We’re all in this world together. We’ve all got a story. And while some of us are going through hardships, and some of us may just need a nudge in the right direction, there’s so much we can do to help each other out. And writing is one of those things. So come out of the dark and step up! Or channel your inner creativity in a way you’ve been desperate to.

I know of this is allllll easier said than done, and I totally get the procrastination when it comes to writing, but if you truly want to do more of it in your life, then today, RIGHT NOW, has never been a better time.

So start showing up. You’ll never know what road it’ll lead you down until you do it. 😘

I don’t stand for any excuses. 😉


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