Why There’s A Silver Lining Even In The ‘Bad’ Times 💜🙂

“I’ve really come to believe life is balance.”


That’s something that came up in conversation this week.

And what a beautiful phrase it is.

I believe it too.

Everything we experience in life comes around into balance in the end.

That sentence could have sparked a great conversation, and I wish I had the time in that moment to let it, but that’s why I wanted to write this blog post today…

We love to talk about the times when things go well.

We enjoy showing how our well-laid plans happen to work out just right.

Share happy pictures on instagram, Facebook, Twitter, every social media platform we’ve put our stamp on.

Celebrate victories and goals when we reach them.

But what about the times when things go horribly wrong?

What about when we say ‘yes’ to something and that decision leads us down a ‘downward spiral’, or when something heartbreaking and traumatic pierces our soul?

What about those times?

We all have a story. Each and every one of us.

And the pain we fell, (no matter how traumatic, big, or little the experience was), hurts, and we fell it in different ways.

Basically no matter how ‘bad’ the experience is — pain is pain is pain is pain.

Anyway where am I going with this, is this — If there is one thing that binds us all together, it is suffering — or really, how hard we try to avoid it.

Just answer this: how do you handle pain?

Most of us try to avoid it all together and instead, invite pleasure and distraction in to help us cope with those intense emotions. But in the midst of our own pain, it seems almost impossible to experience anything beyond suffering.

But here’s the thing — what if I said there was a silver lining and that your pain has a purpose?


This comes as a real shocker to some people, but I’m so glad for my bad times (even the really, really bad times which I thought I’d never see a way out of — so grateful).

There’s always something great we can learn from suffering, and when you decide to take control of how you feel, and not let the experience take over here’s just a few of the things that can begin to happen to us:

  • A renewed appreciation for the value of life — helping you to live more fully, and truly enjoy the moment, as it is, right NOW.
  • You become an even stronger badass! With an enhanced sense of resilience, personal strength and confidence to make it through anything. Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING, shocks me anymore. Nuttin’
  • You’ll be able to say yes and act on new possibilities that may not have entered your life otherwise.
  • You’ll create stronger bonds with others.
  • Compassion will become your new superpower.
  • You’ll see life and situations from different angles. Your philosophy of life will deepen.
  • You’ll basically become unstoppable 😉
  • You’ll be able to add your own stuff to this list.

Now I’m not saying this is easy. FAR FROM! But when you choose to battle things face on, you’ll begin to see these things are true.

Heart breaking things happen in this world all the time, it’s fact. Suffering at some point is inevitable.

As we journey through life we accumulate tragedies, some that will stick with us forever, and some that are easier to overcome than others.

The silver lining of suffering is that you’ve been to the darkest corners of your mind.

And the reason why you can be thankful is this — because now you have a great deal of insights about who you are, and can only continue to grow into even more of a badass human by using this insight to your advantage.

Especially now that you’ve been able to dig deep and allow yourself to feel your own suffering, just imagine the depth of happiness you’ll be able to experience, too.

Here’s to embracing ALL we experience on this journey we call life.

And as we continue to make glorious mistakes and face the heartbreaking times had on — why don’t we share our stories to help ourselves grow stronger and encourage anyone else who may read it, to do the same?

Keep your head up lovely one.

Peace 💙

What have you learnt from the tough time? Comment below to share your journey ,  thanks for staying with me on this post, I’m grateful for you all ❤


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