8 Lessons The Gym Has Taught Me About Life 👊✌️

Movement is my therapy.

(If you know me, and if you read my post on why it’s my favourite form of meditation – then you’ll know this fact already)

My daily dose of deep breathing, squat stretching and dose of heavy iron keeps me out of trouble, and marginally sane 😉

As well as that, the gym is also an incredible teacher – not just for the physical body, but for your mind, and for life.

I’m a strong believer that our mental and physical health are connected.

I also believe that making health a TOP priority, and putting yourself first is a requirement for us humans to thrive and make the most of our life.

Through my strong, strong love for the gym and daily movement, I’ve learned a ton of important lessons that have helped me achieve more in ALL areas of life. So I wanted to share a few with you – to let you know there’s way more to it than just getting a peachy backside, a sweat on, or a nice quad pump (though that stuff is nice 😋)

Start from the bottom…

Basics, basics, basics…

You can’t expect to deadlift 70kg unless you learn how to lift the lightest bar possible, right. There’s no overnight success in the gym – just like there’s no overnight success in life.

Those who succeed in what they do focus on the basics first. They do the un-glamorous side of things. The dirty work. Then level their way up to the top.

Damn, I wouldn’t be where I am today, doing what I’m doing, if I didn’t obsess over learning how to do it first.

Get your basics nailed and you’ll crush it in life, and with the olympic bar.


Once you’ve got those basics – focus your mind on the goal.

Looking at others doing crazy headstands and Yoga poses not only makes me unbalanced, but if I let it, could take a little dig at my motivation (but luckily for me my motivation is never on a low! And I don’t do headstands – not yet anyway)…

But just like in life – we’re all at different levels. We’re all uniquely talented in something beautifully different. Comparing yourself to others is a surefire recipe for staying stuck, and can get in the way of being the best version of YOU.

The magic is to focus on what you do best, your goals, your path – and the rest will fall into place.

Learn from the best…

If you don’t know how to do something that you wanna do, how do you go about learning how to do it?…

By finding the people who are the absolute best at that thing.

If that person hasn’t accomplished what I want to accomplish, if they haven’t got the qualities and values I treasure – then they better be well versed on that subject with a track record of successfully helping others to reach that goal…

Or I’m outta here.

This doesn’t only apply to finding a health and fitness coach, this applies to life too.

Learn more about the strategies absolute ninjas in your area of interest use – and you can only grow.

Routines build habits for success

Oh yes they do! And they make you feel on top of the world.

I’m kinda known as the girl who is an ‘organised dedicated freak’ and What can I say? I love structure and I love routine. 

I love to wake early, eat my breakfast, let it digest, do my mobility routine, workout… yada yada yada…

Think about it – when you follow a routine, how much do you get done? You’re a productive thing aren’t cha? 

Then when you fall out of balance and take things out of that routine, how do things play out? Differently I bet.

My exercise habits flow into my work habits which flow into my life habits.

I’m just in my zone doing my thing, and my world feels pretty good for it.


Efforts I work hard for, and sometimes struggle for, provide more lasting enjoyment.

The more hard I’ve had to work for things, like get my back better, work on my digestion, my squat technique, being creative, writing, putting the effort in to truly help others – my happiness has always been greater.

Amusement parks, catching a film, enjoying some wine is fun, but I don’t feel accomplished. Entertainment is flashy – instant gratification will always leave you wanting more.

So screw those fad diets and instant fixes – it’s the long term game that’s way more satisfying.

Consistency and patience are key…

“All good things come to those who wait” (who are consistent, and who endure).

It’s easy to throw the towel in when it’s tough. It’s easy to not go to the gym. It’s easy to not read that book that might just add the edge to the work you do… but giving up keeps you stuck and gets you nowhere.

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to do the best you can for each day.

There will be bumpy roads from time to time, we all fall. But when you recognise what’s causing your set-back, or why you don’t want to do something – you can begin to pick yourself up and get back on the road you set out on, quicker.

Smile more 😊…

This one shouldn’t be missed. When you smile, it becomes much easier to hold that 3 second squat at the bottom, or do that 4th sprint.

And in life – smiling feels great! It’s contagious, if you can see the light in everything, the journey is easier, cos there’s a little gold even in the moments that feel dark and hard.

There is no growth without resistance…

Going through real tough time, being challenged and battling stress – makes us stronger.

Every struggle is an opportunity for us to grow and keep the momentum moving FORWARDS. Grow from your challenges instead of sulking or being bitter – how you decide to handle something, makes all the difference.

What I’m really trying to say here is this – when you take action to improve an area of your life – it can’t help but spill over into all the other areas of your life too.

And it feels bloody great.


We can choose to either make progress, or make excuses.

So, what are you going to do?

What life lessons have you learnt from something you do? Comment below to share your journey ,  thanks for staying with me on this post, I’m grateful for you all ❤


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