What “Wagon” Are You Trying To Fall Off?

Just a short one from me today.

As I reflect back on the last few years and my journey with food – sometimes things crop up, and I think they’re important to write about,

Like this…

When was the last time you said ‘you’ve fallen off the wagon?’

I hear it all the time.

From friends. From family members. From strangers passing by. From gym buds stretching on the mat next to me…

“I was SO good with food yesterday, but today I ate some chocolate, oh well back on the wagon tomorrow.’

“I’ll get back on the healthy eating wagon Monday.”

“This weekend is going to take me off the wagon when I have some wine Saturday night.”

“Another cookie won’t hurt, already fell off the wagon this morning, had a biscuit with my tea!”

Sound familiar??

Lets get real…

The only time you can EVER “fall off” a damn wagon…

Is when there’s a damn wagon to fall off of!!

And anyway, what even is this wagon?

A set of ideals, a set of so-called rules, and beliefs around food the we let determine how we feel about ourselves and how our day pans out.

I’ve been there MANY MANY times, so I’m not slating here, or saying it’s ‘stupid’ (well I sorta am with love)…

But I just want to be brutal for a moment, because these ideals we have in our mind, sabotage us if we let them.

And I’m guessing when you fall on the hard road beneath your ‘wagon’,

You hit the floor hard.

Which isn’t fun. You hate being there on the floor.

And the honest truth is, lovely, that it’s so so avoidable.

Coming from the girl who once burst into tears on her bathroom floor over eating half a kit kat bar…

Coming from the girl who had a self-induced panic attack at college years ago after eating two bananas…

Coming from the girl who felt a sick sense of guilt after eating a packet of raisins after a run…

I’m telling you – it’s 100 and ten zillion, billion percent, avoidable.

If you want to break-free from your own chains you’ve locked yourself up in, and ENJOY eating again,

And stop feeling ‘gross’ after eating whatever food it is you’ve labelled as ‘off limits’…

Ask yourself:

“What “wagons” am I falling off of?”

“Where did I pick up the bucket of ‘not ok’?”

“When did I stop myself from experiencing pleasure while on this earth, in this body?”

And WORK on growing forward from it, and leaving it behind.

Because you deserve to walk around without that unnecessary dark cloud above your head.

You deserve to know that you are enough as you are.

And you deserve to know that these imaginary ‘wagons’ you’ve got yourself on, are just hiding something within you need to deal with…

Which will only make you a stronger, more bad-ass person, in the end. Even if it is excruciatingly hard.

Cos’ it will be.

Falling off the ‘wagon’ is not your problem. The ‘wagon’ is your problem.

You’ve got this 💜




Ok, I’ll stop saying wagon now 😉


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