Why There’s NO Perfect Time To Post On Social Media…📱💻

“So, tell me, what’s the best time to post on Social Media??”

I get asked this question a lot.

And my answer is always the same – whenever you want.

I know that’s vague. But in the world of Digital Marketing right now, it’s true.

On a quick side-note… I know my blog is usually full of lifestyle, self-love, health related stuff…

But I work in the fun world of Marketing too, with incredible people from all over the globe,

And because it’s something I’m pretty obsessive about – I wanted to write this one up quick today, because changes in this digital world happen in the blink of an eye most times.

So anyway, because of that ^, annnnd because this is a common question all of us get asked at the agency, I fancied answering it.

Because it’s something I don’t want you to get obsessed with,

What I want you to get obsessed with instead is showing up,

For YOUR audience, who YOU want to do MORE business with, as much as you possibly can.

Honestly in 2017 right now, perfect social media timing is basically history. 

Yeah there’s been a long tradition of studies that have had a good go at uncovering this optimal posting time – but if you take a look at them, they all promise a different hour on the clock.

Why’s that?

Because there isn’t one. 

So I wanna turn this conversation around and talk about, instead of chasing this elusive perfect posting time, maybe we should all be focusing on building a brand helping those we serve (so we can serve them even better).

That’s the mission anyway, right?

The content crush is well and truly here. You can’t hide from it.

If you want people to start taking notice of you, you’ve gotta show up.

There’s more content than EVER being shared on Facebook and everywhere else it can be shared – that any of us could ever consume,

And when you throw the Facebook algorithm into the mix (that really neat thing that pushes more content relevant to you and your world higher up in your feed), if you’re not showing up – you’re going to drown.

Drown in the sea of Lad Bible posts, and Amazon ads getting you to buy what you were scrolling through a few seconds ago.

Which sucks really when you’ve got something life-changing to offer your people…

And it’s sad that there’s a lot of you who aren’t creating articles, images and videos,

The problem is that desire to make the perfect piece of content is crippling you.

If you want people to sit up and notice you – you have to put out relevant content of value to them on a regular basis.

And when I say that, I mean at least ONCE a week… But really 7 days a week, every week of the year, is the key. 

And before you say you haven’t got time, I can smash that excuse down and promise you, you have.

The beauty with content – when you know your industry and the MESSAGE you want to share with your audience to get them to take a certain action, and solve a certain problem, is this:

You don’t have to create.

All you’ve got to do is document. (Thanks GaryVee for wording that beautifully)

As an example – creating is something like a TV episode of Game Of Thrones, and documenting is an episode of Big Brother, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

It’s not an easy thing to get your head around at first, but when you realise you don’t have to pull your hair out over creating this perfect piece of content – the daily post becomes less of a struggle.

So when you hear Marketers talking about documenting, what they mean is this…

Pick up your smartphone and record a video of something that’s going on right now, a part of your journey, that your audience can find themselves in, or take something away from…

Once you’ve got that video, you can create some quote images from it and go into more context…

You can write a whole blog post on it…

Upload chunks of it to your instagram story…

Write your weekly email about it…

You really don’t need to make stuff up, when you’re living it, and know your audience inside out.

Getting your foot over the start line is the most important part. Pondering over the best time to post and creating something spotless for the sake of a bunch of likes, is what’s going to slow you down.

Post everyday…

At anytime of day…

The more active you are…

The more REAL value you provide…

The more authentic you are…

Trumps posting when people wake up, or about to take their lunch break any day.

And anyway, Facebook’s algorithm is on your side if you follow those basic principles above.

Whether you post at 8:00 a.m, 9:02 p.m. – it doesn’t matter,

If you’re posting for your audience, they’ll be shown it anytime of day.

Step over that start line with purpose, you got this 👊✨

Amy x


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