The Power Of Community – And A Short Note To Our Tribe 💙👊

I’ll come right out and say it…

It’s a known fact, I love my job (AKA my serious play time).

I get to work with hundreds of forward thinking, incredible, Healthcare business owners, who are all on the same mission…

To help people make better decisions about their health,
and live a life free from chronic pain,
so they can live a life doing the things they love.

Great mission, right?

After spending the last 10 days in San Diego, helping out with our Mastermind Event with just some of our amazing business owners…

It got me thinking a lot about ‘community’.

About ‘tribe’.

About ‘the power of connection’.

We connect in our Facebook community all the time. By email. By video chat. In our weekly group calls.

But when you get everyone in a room together – it’s big magic.


It’s incredible to witness how people from all over America, and even from different countries, communicate daily online – and then finally have the opportunity to meet up and talk about the things they love most… serious bizniz!

We got to know each other face to face, human to human, not just through a Facebook profile picture, or pre-meditated text.

We got to get real and vulnerable talking about the ‘real’ sides of business and ourselves, that we don’t openly discuss with others.

We got to share ideas.

Question each other.


Push forward to level-up, even if it were uncomfortable.

Learn some truths.

Lean into vulnerability.

Embrace fear.

Drive change.

And maybe the best part of all – know that everyone in that community has each others back (brand new members and loyal).

There’s a ‘family’ to lean on. People there to listen. To trust.

It truly humbled me to be there and share this Mastermind experience with the gang.


Lunching with the incredible Dean Volk and Luke Gordon

I loved the moments I saw people’s faces light up when they realized the opportunities of what’s possible for them.

And I quite enjoyed seeing the sense of ‘overwhelm’ too! (Knowing something has gotta be done – and the excitement to do it, kind of overwhelm).

I loved seeing when things just *clicked* in people’s minds.

And when people even jumped up out of their seats cos’ they just wanted to go and get it done NOW.

I loved seeing important decisions people knew they had to make, be made, right then and there.

And when people leaned into their fear, and even got themselves in front of a camera, to face it head on – badasses!

I loved it when people laughed when they had an ‘aha!’ moment.

When everyone got their head down, and made some serious changes to their business.

When we all got to socialize into the evening, carrying on business conversations.

Smiling, laughing, connecting, creating memories to treasure forever, and creating new inside jokes… – ‘Laundrette, cinema, movies!’

(Yeah, you’ll only know if you were there 😉)

And I can’t forget to mention, the California vibe and sunshine, with my team mate by my side.

You guys we got to share this experience with may say we made it amazing for you… But really, you made it amazing for us.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank YOU!

You inspire us every moment of the day. Never stop moving up. Never stop doing YOU.

As a group, we’re stronger together.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.

Peace ✌️

Amy xo

P.S. Here’s some piccy’s I grabbed with the event…

P.P.S. If you’re not part of the community, you might be thinking ‘what community is that gal on about’??

Well, I’ll tell ya…

I’m the Brand Strategist for Paul Gough Media – and what we do?

We use Digital Marketing Strategies to help great Healthcare Professionals, become even more successful business owners, and live extraordinary lives
(while serving more people – who need their help).

You can check us out when you click here.


What I’m Working On Lately:
The Physical Therapy Business School Podcast — EP:015

My ‘Jam’ At The Moment:
Ryan Adams  – Desire

Instagram: @worldofa


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