Dear Mum – A Note To All The Mums Out There 💕

The relationship between a Mother and Daughter can be quite complex…

Over the years, as I’ve looked at those between my friends and their Mum’s – all are a little different, in a magical way.

We always want things from the person we call our ‘Mum’, that we would never ask for, or want from anyone else.

And it’s only as we grow wiser, we realise all the little things (that are actually big things), they have done to help us to grow into who we are today…

So this is a post dedicated to my Mum… And to all those women, and even gentlemen, who have showered a child with love and bought them up…

Because now I’m older I see, that dedicating your life to another until they ‘flee’ the home… ain’t easy ❤️

Dear Mum,

Thanks for having me. Really.

The chances of being a human being are actually 1 in 400,000,000,000 recurring recurring recurring… You having me has given me the opportunity to make an impact, even if that impact is little, or big…

You’ve given me the best gift.

Add to the fact you ‘had’ me, like actually gave birth… that deserves a medal because I don’t even think that’s something I could do… (or maybe even want to do)

Great woman. 😎

Thank you for letting me express myself freely,
with no judgement or constraint

Because you let me do all the things I wanted to do like ballet, art class, pottery, play vampire slayers, let me believe I was a spy, let me sing my heart out and throw crazy dance moves even in the middle of a Turkish jewellers, kick-ass in Karate, and support any and every single avenue I got curious about…

…you helped add to the confidence I have today, to say yes to any opportunity and ‘challenge’ that comes my way, and the strength to believe in myself.

 Thank you for being selfless

Thank you for giving up everything you want so that I could have the world. Your sacrifices are appreciated. That time you wanted to just relax after work, but I needed to be taken to Karate, or taken to the shops after school to buy a new pair of trainers for P.E, will never be forgotten.

 Thank you for holding me through all my tears

You made the painful times, less painful. And made me know with certainty that it’s always ok to cry, and be present with any emotion – and not to suppress it.

Thank you for teaching me how to iron…

…especially shirts and bed sheets. Whoever I date will be thankful you did a great job at that.

 Thank you for forgiving me,
even when I hurt your feelings, and was a little brat.

Kids can be silly and say things they don’t mean. And even though I may have been a little miss attitude at times, I know you were only being a mum, and always doing things out of love – for my own good.

So thank you for seeing past the silly fights I made after school, and still driving me in and packing my lunch the next day.

 Thank you for making sure I used my manners

For teaching me to say please and thank you, and how to treat people and the world with respect.

I’m so glad you did.

 Thank you for cooking tasty meals

And showing me everyday how delicious a home cooked meal really is. Now I cook every meal I eat, every day, because you taught me how.

 Thank you for always being the friend I’ll never lose

I know you’re there no matter what, even if our worlds are different. You’re there to link arms with when shopping, to listen when I need a Mum, and when I was younger, I knew you were always my safe place to call home, so when times felt tough, I never felt alone.

Thank you for doing my washing,
before I knew how

Thank you for making sure I had clean clothes to wear each day, free from grass, food and arts and crafts stains. For getting my clothes read the night before school, so I always walked in feeling great.

Thank you for burning my ears with ABBA…

…and Take That.

No offence if you like ABBA and Take That btw. I’ve just heard them enough. Too many times, to not handle them anymore.

But still, the memories of you dancing around the living room to Dancing Queen and singing your heart out to every Take That song ever made, will always make me laugh.

So thank you.

To all the the mothers, fathers, and anyone called ‘parents’ out there, thank you… I’m grateful for you everyday, even if I haven’t always shown it, I truly am.

You walk the earth every day, simply to see us happy. To see us shine…

And for your selflessness, compassion and unconditional love, I love you.

Amy xo

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