The Truth About Dedication❤️…

(Quick side note: these are just my thoughts – I don’t claim to have conquered life, I’m just enjoying the journey and writing what I learn along the way)

I was listening to a Podcast this week.

One by the guys Sal, Adam and Justin at Mind Pump, where they interviewed one of the most legendary guys I know – Paul Chek.

And it got me thinking about the one thing that makes it simple for those of us who are TRULY motivated…

…to consistently be motivated, to do all the things we do.

(If you’ve never heard of Paul Chek btw he’s a great human… 

…he’s an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise, and a truly inspiring holistic lifestyle expert – I love him).

Anyway, Paul said something near the end of the podcast episode.

Don’t quote me exactly, but he said something along the lines of…

“Exercise and go to the gym because you LOVE yourself.”

It really hit home with me.

And boyyyy has it been a long journey to get to the point where I can hand on my heart say, I do it out of love now.

(All my life up until the end of last year, to be precise – and of course it’s always going to be a work in progress).

Because when you hear a phrase like this, when you aren’t at a point where ‘you’re ready yet’, it can be a WTF moment… almost.

It can sound a bit ‘woo woo’. Especially if you don’t know what loving yourself really means.

And it’s easy to say  ‘whatever’.

But coming from a girl whose been to some real dark corners of life, and now sees the light in everything…

…believe me when I say this state of thinking and believing, is where transformation really happens.

Where am I going with all this?…

Well this phrase Paul said hit home with me so much because a lot of the time,

(Actually, all of the time),

People I know, and family members ask me:

“How are you so dedicated all the time with everything you do?
How do you get yourself in the gym so easily?
How do you eat what you eat alllll the time?
How do you do it?”

And now the answer to me is so obvious…

Because I’m being true to ME. I’m true to my values around movement, around food, around the way I live my life…

…and by honouring my values everyday because they’re so clear to me now, that is an act of loving myself.

And it might be just my thought, but I truly believe that not being attuned to your values,

Not being clear on what they are,

Trying to please others (even though you might not think you’re doing it),

Is why some of us find it so so difficult to stay motivated to do whatever it is we set out to do.

I’ll put it in the context of exercise…

I used to dive in and out of going to the gym to lose weight and look a certain way to look attractive to others or whatever… and then going to the gym to have a strong body that could move free from pain, so I could move and do all the stuff I wanted…

And yes, ok, I still always had the motivation to go… But I never really felt happy, or satisfied as I was always seeking something more…

My happiness and self-worth was attached to the way I looked, and my achievements in Karate.

And it’s a similar pattern I see in other people…

When they go to the gym because they want to change something about their body because they ‘hate it’,

Motivation drops pretty quick.

And they find it hard to keep up with the routine they want to stick to.

Simply because they started from a negative starting point, of believing they’re not enough unless they look a certain way, etc etc etc.

I know it’s not easy, and I’m not saying I’ve reached the point of fully loving myself everyday, I have days where I embrace it, and moments where I step away from it.

It’s something I have to remind myself constantly throughout the day.

And I’ve been working up to this concept of self-love for years!

My coach back home drummed it into me alllll the time.

And I never quite wrapped my head around it until a few months back.

If  you’ve spent years hating on your body, or body-shaming yourself has been the only thing that “worked” to motivate you in the past to get up and go…

To move forward you need to accept it’s time to change how you think about your body, and stop future pacing – because NOW is all that really matters, and yet it’s the toughest thing to change.

If you’re not happy with your body, or how you feel your current strategy is not working for you.

It’s going to take some time.

And even when you do get your head around this new way of thinking, you’ll have to keep reminding yourself of why you’ve chosen to turn your thoughts around.

I just wanted to get that thought out there today.

Your body is an amazing gift. It allows you to experience this journey we call life. It allows you to walk, breathe, connect with others.

Look after it 😘


Amy xo


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Jay Electronica & Emeli Sande  – Garden



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