About That ’10k Calorie Challenge’…

I’m not sure how this is going to go down, or if I should even be writing this right now,

But I had to get it off my chest because it’s been buzzing around my brain for days,

And I’m just going to let my fingers type away,

I think the 10k food challenge is silly.

And I think it has a ‘darker’ side than most people who innocently do it, think.

I’ve not come across anyone write about it in this light (dark), yet…

But tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this?

Before I vent away, this is JUST my opinion.

I’m not trying to be an opinionated pain in the ass, and I’m not saying it to dis-respect anyone who does the challenge (because they might not have even considered this side of it!)… this is simply my thoughts around it, cos’ I think there’s something serious here.

So, if you haven’t heard of the 10k food challenge already, it’s where someone films themselves for a day, and shows you exactly what they eat, to make sure they get 10, 000 cals in their body, before midnight.

They don’t care how it’s done, or if they’re short on time…

All that matters is that by midnight, 10, 000 calories are securely locked in their My Fitness Pal app. 

Ok, so now you’re up to speed – what’s my deal with it? It sounds fun right?

And yeah, enjoying a variety of foods is fun!

I love a spoon (or 2 or 3 or 4) of crunchy peanut butter with some dark chocolate, digging in to some salted caramel ice cream and gluten-free cinnamon french toast,

We’re gonna die one day anyway.

But when things like food are given a label, or you tell yourself it’s ok to run riot on stuffing your face with as much food as you possibly can that you don’t usually ‘allow’ yourself to, because it’s a crazy cheat day,

I question, is that healthy? Is that healthy for the mind, body and soul? And others watching it?

Eating is a deeply important part of the human experience.

It’s interwoven into ever part of our lives.

We NEED it, or we’ll die.

Now eating 10, 000 cals in a day might not do that much to you after one day…

You’ll probably wake up a few lbs heavier, feel bloated, low-energy and so on and so on and so on…

But when you consider the amount of stress eating a f’ton of calories like this does to your body, it’s scary.

And when you step outside of it and think about how it might affect others watching it (and even your own mindset if you’re taking part in it), that’s scary too.

I’m no Dr or anything, I’m just speaking from experience, and I 1000000000000% know I’m not the only human who has had this experience.

See, I used to have an Eating Disorder – well, an un-loving relationship with food.

At first I ate silly low calories, like 50-100 cals a day low.

Then I maybe upped it to like, 500? Maybe 900 if you’re pushing it, and purged it all back up.

And THEN I began bingeing – like eating 10,000 calories in a day, some days, no exaggeration.

And THEN on top of that, when I couldn’t purge any longer because my body said STOP GIRL,

I still binged, most days, because it was a heartbreakingly hard habit for me to break,

As I hadn’t dealt with the underlying issue I was hiding away from.

But now I have (and I’ll always be recovering even though I don’t have those habits anymore).

So when I see people doing 10k food challenges for the fun of it,

For no other reason but to get another Youtube video up,

Or to be all manly, or beastly, or whatever,

It worries me. It worries me because I remember how truly awful it felt (underneath all of those initial happy chemicals flying around the body that get triggered when you bite something sweet),

How awful it felt on my body, and my mind.

Lets talk about the body real quick…

Your body needs food, obviously, but how much food and the ratios it needs differ person to person and it’ll change alllll the time.

Your body also tells you when you’re hungry, and when you’ve fed it enough. (If you’re in tune with it).

I used to love feeling empty and the grumbles happening in my tummy. And then when I used to binge, I wouldn’t stop until my body couldn’t physically handle it anymore.

So much so to the point I couldn’t even move from the curled up ball I’d find myself in, and even breathing hurt like a bitch.

How un-loving and stressful are both those things?!

One moment the body says ‘feed me’ then the other it says, ‘ok I’ve had enough. OK I’VE REALLY HAD ENOUGH THAT HURTS, STOP!!’

When there’s that much food inside you, how can your body absorb it all? How can it get all the nutrients it needs? How can it focus it’s energy else where when it’s most urgent mission is to somehow digest all these calories you’re feeding it, that it doesn’t bloody want.

So, when I see these people doing it, and saying things like – ‘it’s so crazy how the body feels when you eat this much’…

No it’s not.

‘Omg I don’t want to eat, but it’s 7pm and I’ve only had 7,300 cals so far’ 

Then stop.

‘Omg I feel so uncomfortable but I have to keep eating or I won’t make it’

No you don’t, just stop.

‘I’m going to go to the gym and eat on the treadmill to get more calories in even though I’ve just eaten 6,000 for breakfast’

Are you out of your mind? The gym? That session will go completely wasted, and your body will be so stressed out, ugh, my mind hurts even thinking about it.

‘Omg I can’t believe I’ve eaten 400g of sugar’

I can, you’ve eaten 10,000 cals. I wouldn’t want to be your organs right now.

I just don’t think it’s smart, or kind to your body to do that.

I did that most days a week – and looking back I’d love to un-do it all, because to this day I still have problems, from whatever damage I did.

And then my final point on it, for those who watch the challenges…

What about those of us who have really unloving relationships with food?

For me, a few years ago, watching these kinda challenges would have been triggering as hell (and I was also kinda addicted to watching those things too).

Now ok, that’s my fault entirely.

But some of us in the depths of an eating disorder, or in the early days of recovery, will really be affected by stuff like that.

I used to torture myself over Man vs. Food, 10k challenges likes this, Cake Boss, and all that kinda stuff…

It’s scary.

Scary for the body.

Scary for your digestive system.

Scary for what it can do emotionally.

And even scary for those it can have an impact on.

It’s time to have a healthy relationship with food.

Eat food that gives you energy. Eat enough of it. And stop occupying your day with it and torturing the body you live in.

And stop it with the 10k food challenges already, because it achieves nothing apart from a bloated tummy, and an unhappy digestive system.

Ok that’s me outta here.



Amy xo






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