Your Brand, Is NOT Your Logo

Your brand is not your logo.

It’s not a pretty website.

It’s not the colours you use.

It’s not some ‘hip’ slogan weaved together that sounds ‘cool’ but makes no sense.

It’s a lot more simple than that. A Brand is,

‘Communication + Connection’ — how people perceive what you can do for them.

Now I’m not saying having a visual identity is a loada rubbish.

It isn’t. Your brand is just way more powerful than that.

And a lot of us get caught up in the way of thinking that a brand is all visual because of the big players like Nike, apple, Coke and IKEA.

We identify them by their logos, the way they package things up, the style of their products yadda, yadda, yadda…

But those guys can get away with it.

They were players to the field first ANNND they have big juicy budgets that allow them to get away with it.

Small businesses can’t.

So why not?

I’ll put it into context for you,

Imagine you’ve won a new shiny top spec laptop, and you got to choose between two identical models…

Same storage space, same speed, same size,

The only difference between them? One is apple and the other is Dell.

Which one do you pick?

You choose apple (I’m gonna bet)… Because even though they’re the same in terms of specification, that’s irrelevant — you base your decision on the brand you like,

A.K.A. The one that makes you feel good.

(I could have chosen an example like a car here, but I like tech stuff so 😜)

In other words, brand is how you make people feel.

Specifically, how you make people feel about making a decision to doing business with you.

I’ve learnt a lot from the time I’ve spent working with my Boss so far, and one of the big things I’ve come to understand is that:

Human beings suck, badly, at making decisions.

And when you understand that in business, your Marketing and your brand (the message you put out there), becomes a whole lot easier.

Your brand is how you make people feel.

Another example (and I’m sorry if you own a car made by this company)…

People look at Toyota in a certain way — a reliable, affordable, low-end car. Not must ‘prestige’. And no one is going to pay £50,000 + for one now matter what anyone says.

But stick a Ferrari logo on the exact same car, and you’ve got yourself a deal.

People obsess over what they perceive you do for them.

And you can direct how they perceive what you do for them playing the content game and putting out great content, which will influence somebody that you’re the right person to make a decision about doing business with.

This is the journey people go on these days.

You’ve got to put in the time and the work to build a relationship worthy of their trust (and their time).

So as you begin to Market your business, do it with your audience in mind,

Understand the journey they go on to get to you, and before they commit to saying yes to you,

And you’ll win.

Focus on your product and your pretty logo,

And you’ll find it a hard hard game, and waste a lot of money doing so.

It’s a longer game, but in the end it’s always the longer games we play out in life, that reap the biggest rewards.

Put out great content. Blog. Put videos out there. Use email. Brighten their day on social media. Educate. Inform. Entertain.

It’ll all circle back to you in the end.


Amy xo

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