What’s In My Gym Bag (All Year Round) 💪

This isn’t my usual type of post,

But it’s no secret that I love movement,

I live for it.

Nothing gets me more excited than the feeling of being connected to the barbell.

It’s my zen time, it’s my play time, it just feels damn good.

Anyway, I got an email the other day from  Aaptiv  – a fitness app that gives you on-demand workouts with the guidance of a trainer combined with the perfect playlist to fuel your workout. And they inspired me to share what my fitness must haves’ are.

So, why not? I mean, I’m not your conventional, fashionable, fitness type of gal.

I wear barefoot shoes, put gelatine in my coffee and listen to piano music while I mobilize…

It’s not like I need another blog post to confirm my ‘weirdness’ (as the girls in the office always say)…

But here ya go, here’s what’s always in my gym bag, and what to me are ESSENTIAL to my movement routines…

1) Barefoot shoes.

What did I do in life before transitioning to these?

We were born without a pair of shoes on. Our ancestors used to run, walk, and live barefoot, so why play with human anatomy with clunky cushioning and fancy stuff?

I’m no body expert, I just like them. I like how fast sprinting feels in them. I love how I can feel my movements, how they help me squat and deadlift, and how they help strengthen my feet.

To workout in normal trainers would be a big no-no for me. And I’d really like to get my entire shoe wardrobe kitted out barefoot style soon.

My go to ones are Vibram Five Fingers and Vivo Barefoot Shoes

And yeah I wear them to Tesco and where ever too, so what?

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 14.14.35

2) A trigger point ball

Ohhh, you know the things you roll on and they hurt like a biyatch? Yeah, I love ’em.

A trigger point ball, or a foam roller is a must, must, must, in my warm-up routine and on my days off.

They release tension, help you move more freely, and give you a good giggle when you see the look on someones face who is using it for the first time. 🙊

I’d use a foam roller like this if you’ve never done it before.

And if you’re more hardcore, I dare you to use a ball like this.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 14.15.40

3) S’well bottle.

I love using this bottle for my water.

Not only does it make me look like I have a bit of fashion sense, ha – they’re eco friendly and don’t let any toxins creep into your drink.

They also come in lots of cute colors and styles too.

They can be a little on the pricey side, so here’s a cute alternative that does the same job.

Water tastes better in a cute bottle.

4) Log-it workout diary

I never actually used to do this. I thought I was good at retaining my squat weights in my head, but a smart trainer introduced me to one of these log-it books, and now I can’t NOT log stuff.

No more guessing what weight and repetitions I achieved.

And they’re easy to use on the go while you rest too – and really awesome to reflect back on and give yourself a high 5 at how far you’ve come.

Get your hands on one!

5) A gym playlist to suit every mood.

Sometimes I want rap.

Sometimes I want electronic pop.

Sometimes I want a remix.

Sometimes I want Bon Iver.

And sometimes I want instrumental, classical, jazz or piano.

I have music for every mood, and if I’m in the gym alone, I’ll always have my playlist on loud in my ears.

Here’s one I sometimes use to cooooool down. Don’t judge my Spotify playlists please.

6) Great Lakes Gelatine

My kinda protein shake. You might think ewwww so gross, why are you putting crushed bones in your drink after and before a workout?

Well 1 it’s not gross, people consume it way more than they know.

2, it’s 10000% natural, and from grass fed cows treated well.

And 3, it’s a form a protein with no added extras that you can’t pronounce in. Super friendly for the body and great for joint health!

(It tastes of NOTHING too by the way and it means you can have a high protein coffee, or even orange juice),

Need I say any more?

And of course, everything is kept in a backpack, because even though over the shoulder bags can look cute, I’d rather not have a sore back or shoulder from carrying all the weight on one arm.

Oh and I have coffee too. A strong black coffee with a solid breakfast before any gym session.

So that’s how I roll.


What are your workout essentials? 

I wanna hear them allll!

P.S. Share your spotify playlists with me too, see as I just exposed my all over the place music taste (no shame).


Amy xo

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