Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Last night, I heard a huge bang on my door.

For months, I’ve heard gentle tapping,

And it’s slowly,

Slowly… Got louder and louder and louder,

*Knock, knock, knock – is ANYBODY home?!*

I usually ignore it,


But every time I’ve done that,

It just gets louder, and kinda annoying,

And the only way to stop the banging, is to simply pay attention,

And open the door,

It happened again last night,

Last night the critic came to say hello.


She’s been softly knocking on my door for months,

She’s knocked on my door all my life in fact,

But last night, I decided to let her in.

What is this ‘knocking’, this ‘banging’?

Thoughts, that sometimes the subconscious gets carried away bringing to you.

For good reason!

At times during my evening wind downs I feel my thoughts racing,

And sometimes, they can scream loud,

Like they’re yelling at me to pay attention,

Pay attention to something I need to choose to grow from,

Or choose to sit with the comfort of staying the same,

And that never helps anyone.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of comparison,

To compare ourselves to others, and get wound up with ourselves when we don’t live up to the standards we believe we’ve set ourselves (that really culture has, and we’re just responsible for letting it influence us).

And it ain’t a fun place to be!

But it’s comfortable, right?

Even though it just makes you feel crappy – and actually holds you back, from ANYTHING you wanna achieve.

We all do it time to time, lets get real.

I’ve definitely compared my writing to some of the best copywriters out there and beat myself up inside. When I did Karate I compared myself to world champions, when they had years on me. I’ve compared myself to people who have a completely different body type to mine, and a completely different routine. Compared my ‘diet’ to hundreds of others. The list is endless.

We ALL do it.

But it doesn’t serve us. (But it can if we listen ;-))

And even though it’s something we’ve all got to be aware of and always, always work on,

(I’m sure even the most self-aware of us have to work at stopping the comparison game),

So how can we get comfortable
with being uncomfortable?

One thing I’m leaning into is inviting the critic to the party.

When she just keeps calling and calling, let her in and listen to what she has to say.

Observe what’s going on inside. How does it feel? What thoughts come up? Is there a sinking feeling in the gut? A tightness? Often there is!

Check in and listen with non-judgemental awareness and allow it to exist.

Don’t try to stop the critic from coming. Just choose to listen. And choose what action you’re gonna take.

Though it might be painful in the moment and while you grow through it, the other side is a whole lot brighter. 💜

At times there’s a healthy side to it – like when I see how beautifully someone has put words together, and how smart the thinking was behind the order of the words is – it pushes me on to get to the next level of thinking!

When comparison pushes you to take yourself to the next level (so long as it’s in line with your mission in life) – hug it tight!

But when you know it’s pushing you back – let it in and listen.

Anything ‘painful’ is worth listening to – to learn the next lesson, you’re meant to learn.

Embrace, listen and grow poppet!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Amy xo

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