Social Media: Why Less Is More For Small Businesses

“Social Media”

It’s one of those weird-sounding words, that not many of us really understand.

Okay cool,

We all know snapchat fits into it, instagram falls under the social media category, and scrolling through your facebook feed means you’re ‘active’ on it…

But when it comes to small businesses, it can be a unique and sometimes overwhelming challenge – especially if you’re in in business which doesn’t initially ‘dominate the online space’…

Like… a Marketing Coach or whatever.

On one hand you have a business to run.

And on the other, you want that business to grow and take off on a rocket ship 🚀

And although you know that the internet is where ‘it’s at’ these days, and you know social media has the power to be a big big part of your overall Marketing Strategy,

There’s a bunch of reasons why it never quite happens – time, energy, resources yada yada yada

OR – you’ve had a go, but you didn’t see anything happen.

A.K.A. you put a post up on Facebook with an offer or something, and no one hit the like button, or called you,

So you think it’s a waste of time.

As the Marketing Manager and girl who oversees anything Social Media for Paul Gough Media, and the Paul Gough Physio Rooms – I spend a lot of time on it.

I spend a lot of time ‘wisely’ on it.

Observing what others are doing, what the platforms are doing, understanding how people behave online, and the latest updates to use it to our advantage.

And one thing I can say for certain, is that building out your Social Media strategy – is actually wayyyy more simple than you think.


Small businesses take one hell of a deep breath in, because what you’re about to find out, is that it’s really, really, reaaaally simple…

You only need ONE core piece of content, a week.

‘Wait, what? Just…one? One?”

UHUH. Just one 😊

And even better…

You don’t even have to CREATE it from scratch. Or pluck it from thin air.

No, no, you don’t. 🙌

I’ll put it into context for the industry I work in – healthcare, physical therapy…

So, if you’re a health care professional – you know those questions you hear clients ask?

You know those conversations around your clients favorite things to do, their lifestyle and hobbies?

You know phrases that they say?

Or most common roadblocks they run into?

That, right there, is your content. ☝️

It’s already done for you. All you’ve gotta do is document it.

Say someone said while relaxing in the waiting room:

“You know, I really find it hard to stick to eating healthy when I eat out all the time”

You could write your blog for the week about that…

“Why It’s 100% Possible To Eat Healthy At Any Restaurant – And 3 Tips To Help You Do It”

If a client asked:

“Is it safe to exercise with a bad back?”

Write your blog on exactly that:

“Is It Safe To Exercise With A Bad Back?”

If someone said they planned a weekend away to go Hike somewhere but they hurt their back so they had to cancel…

Write about:

“5 Of The Most Scenic Places To Hike In TOWN (If You Didn’t Have Aches and Pains)”

You see where I’m going?…

And THEN you use that, as your one piece of content you can use EVERY DAY of the week.

Post it as a blog, as a quote, as a video, get creative…

I can promise you. In fact swear on your life, there’s 5-7 ways you can get creative around 1 piece of content.

And when you understand that – you can then begin to put into action the strategies to get real LONG term impact out of that one piece of weekly content.

This applies to ANY industry. Not just health. Not just Marketing. ANY.

I could talk about this forever. Trust me. Once you start me talking about social media you’ll wish you hadn’t. 🤐

At the end of the day, I know business owners are busy people…

So the best way to maximize your time AND begin relationships with people online is by doing this.

Listen to your audience and your clients.

They’ll essentially spark the fire, and ‘create’ the content for you.

It’s a win-win…

You’re proving more of what they WANT (value) to your audience, and you’re not wasting time wearing all the hats in your business, and thinking social media is a waste of time.

People are there these days.

Meet them there.
Start the relationship.
Start a conversation around what they want.
Build up trust over time.
Have patience.

Less IS more. 


Amy xo


I’m the Brand Strategist for Paul Gough Media –
and what we do?

We use Digital Marketing Strategies to help great Healthcare Professionals, become even more successful business owners, and live extraordinary lives
(while serving more people – who need their help).

You can check us out when you click here.


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Instagram: @worldofa



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