Meditation: Day 6/100, WHY I’m Doing It, Again…

Today is day 6/100 of the meditation challenge I’ve accepted.

(Actually I prefer to call it ‘working-in’ — but most people know the word meditation, so lets keep it simple and stick with that).

So, today is day 6. 

And this morning I found myself reflecting on WHY I want to do this.

I’ve done this ‘challenge’ before.

I hit 100 days easy peasy.

My ‘meditation ritual’ probably isn’t what you would assume it to be…

Last time round (about 3 years ago) when I said a big yes to taking this challenge on, I meditated on an evening.

After the hottest bath ever (yeah really, I purely ran baths out of hot water only with maybe one tenth cold water in it — or not even that),

I’d lay down, breathe in slow, increasing the amount of seconds I could breathe in for, hold, then slowly breathe out.

It went something like:

Breathe in 1, 2, 3, 4
Hold 1, 2, 3, 4
Breathe out 1, 2, 3, 4

With a bit of Bon Iver or Message To Bears on in the background,

And repeat building up to 20–30 minutes (while sometimes massaging peppermint oil on my stomach) — told ya’ not the ‘norm’.

But then when 100 days hit, I stopped doing it consistently. 

Silly billy mistake.

But back then I think it was a combination of me wanting to prove that I could do this challenge (to please myself and others ) — because if you know me, I’ll embrace any challenge you give me and throw myself 100000 % into it,

And because I hoped that laying on the bathroom floor doing this thing called ‘meditation’ would give me some kind of epiphany.

Which — it didn’t really.

But I was looking at it in the wrong way.

Now I don’t claim to be some self-loving, zen-life, habit hack guru master,

But what I can tell you, from what I’ve learnt through picking up and putting down meditation over and over and over and over again,

Is that it’s a gateway. 

It’s a gateway to the never-ending road of self-development. To pushing past the comfort zone you’re currently sitting in. To living a more fulfilling life. To being more self-aware.

When I took a step back and looked at it like that — it makes sense to me about WHY I want to do more of it,

…Hit to 100 day goal, and this time, NOT STOP.

So back to my reflection this morning…

It’s hit me lately that I feel a ton of energy in the centre of my body,

Not a bad energy, but an excited energy — which triggers off adrenaline — which can cause issues that I do nooooot want.

I get really excited about life, and so excited about all the projects I’m working on in my career, and all the plans I make — that this energy builds up and up and up, that I find it tough to slow down,

Which probably means, I’m holding myself back,

Because I don’t sit with the excitement and enjoy it.

I just let it sweep me off my feet and rush around so much like a puppy who can’t control themselves when they see their owner,

That it can end up getting in the way.

Not good.

So right now my meditation goes something like this,

Embracing that feeling, saying thank you for it, while at the same time sitting back and observing the thoughts that travel in my mind.

All of us, always have something to work on.


And it’s not only the adrenaline rush I want to work on calming down and enjoying a bit more — there’s other stuff too, that I find tough to deal with,

Like irrational worries about one of my basic human needs,

But that’s a post for another day.

Meditation, working-in, is about finding something that works for you.

And even if you find sitting in silence, or moving in silence a bit uncomfortable,

That’s a good thing. It’s good to lean into things that push you out of the comfort zone at times — to grow and level-up as the wonderful human you are.

Somedays I combine both active and still types of mediation,

Right now I do a slow glute bridge movement feeling my breath like a wave moving up and down my body, and I get into my zone in the gym with my favourite barbell and the squat rack — where it’s just me, my breath, and complete focus on the movement I’m doing.

If you just listen, just listen to your body, it’ll tell you what to do.


What I’ve learnt from the last time I did this ‘challenge’ up until this point today would be tough to sum up in a sentence, but here’s just a few things I’ve discovered:

Mediation / working-in is a gateway to your own journey
of self-development and awareness.

That in order to heal my relationship with food, I had to sit with the discomfort,
cry though the urges and build my resilience.

That magic stuff happens when you face uncomfortable zones head on.

You’re in control of the actions you take.

You should listen to what your body is telling you, it really does know best.

There’s always something to work on. Always.

You can achieve whatever you want to achieve if you’re present. Completely present,
and dedicate your time to it — AND massively important — enjoy the process.

So far, because of meditation, working-in (whatever you want to call it), I’ve healed my relationship with food, raised my energy levels, upped my deadlift to 130kg and squat to 100kg, without really changing anything but listening to myself more, I’m a happier more energetic person, I really enjoy my own company, my relationships with others are deeper, I’m way more in tune with myself and others, and have a clearer thinking cap on.

And SO SO SO much more.

So that’s WHY I want to make sure I do this 

There’s always a way to work it into your day.

Only YOU can get in the way of yourself.

Maybe you’ll pick some inspiration up to join me on the challenge too… and make it a life long habit.

Hit that comment button below and let me know if you plan on doing it, or, if you’re doing it already, tell me what meditation means to you, and what the gateway has shown you so far 😊

Zillions of love,

Amy xo


My ‘Jam’ At The Moment:
Never Knock — Kevin Garrett

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