Meditation: Day 9 / 100 — Stepping Out Of Old Habits & Deeper Into New Ones

Ok, I’ve got 20 minutes to write this post in today before I crack on,

Can I do it?

Let’s see.

My timer is set — let’s go go go!

As I write this I’m sat sipping a flat-white (my new fave way to take in my coffee) in my favourite coffee shop in town,

They always greet me with a big hello, and I always exchange a random question with the guy who serves me coffee before I order,

Today it was what we dreamt about last night.

Love it.

Anyway, I’ve only got 19 mins left on my timer…

So today, during my meditation, I got my inspiration for this blog post,

Stepping out of old habits and stepping deeper, right into the centre of new ones I’ve been wanting to create for ages.

Y’see, I’m a morning person, not a night person,

But, I’m not a ‘morning meditation’ person,

I’m a ‘night time meditation’ person,

Weird, huh?

How you end your day is JUST as important as how you start it — in my opinion,

But whenever I set out to start my day with meditation,

I find myself having a full on back and forth argument with myself in this head of mine.

Alarm goes off, it’s usually 6:00 a.m,

My mind goes “Ok Amy lets go meditate — nowwww!’

I go, ‘hmmm nah, lets go brush my teeth and shower and eat breakfast and listen to a podcast and dance around to music — nowwww!’

‘No. Get up, and go lay on that pretty Yoga mat of yours and meditate, woman.’

‘Do I have tooo?’

‘Yasss! You do — you’ll be mad at yourself later if you don’t’

‘La la la, la LA — I’m going to go brush my teeth and shower. Byeee’

‘Screw you’


But then I go back to WHY I’m wanting to meditate daily — and not.stop, and I come out of myself, give myself a slap on the wrist, and go do it.

Today is day 9 — and it’s slowly getting easier.


But if I want it to get easier — I’ve got to break this habit I’ve got into,

Of jumping out of bed and dancing around to start my day right away.

Most of our lives are spent following unconscious, habitual patterns.

We wake up and jump right into our usual distractions.

Maybe we lay in bed hitting snooze 10 times until we can’t get away with it anymore.

Maybe we scroll through Facebook to see how many notifications we have,

Waste some time on insta,

Open our email inbox (oops!),

But what if we could step away from these habits that are ‘easy’ and stand up to them and make a change?

What would it be like to make more conscious choices?

I’m kinda a weirdo,

When I want to do something, I’ll bloody well do it,

I’m pretty dedicated to making sure I do things that will enhance my life, and in turn, enhance others,

I find it easy to head to the gym as soon as my alarm goes off,

Cook every meal I eat,

Do daily learning,

But when it comes to meditation in the morning — I want to work on that,

Because I find it way too easy to say ‘no’ to doing it in the morning (for 10 little minutes), and just get on with my day as usual.

So, I’m going to step outside of myself, and step deep into forming this new habit.

And another habit I want to get into play real bad?

Writing daily, for myself, to get better and better at it for my career…

…And to grow as a person — and get this new habit creating show on the road.

When words are out in the big wide world, it becomes REAL.

So, that’s what I came to realise in my meditation this morning, on day 9.

Stepping into new rituals, that may feel a bit un-comfy at first, but I know they’ll take me to the next level, that I’ve been dreaming to be at,

…For bloomin’ AGES!

I may kick and scream — but I’ll say thanks to myself in the end.

Ok bam! I finished that in 14 minutes.

Loving life. 🙌

What new habits have you been wanting to make, but have been putting off for a while?

Hit me up in the comments, lovely! 👇

And if you know someone who needs to hear this, or if this resonated with you, tap that little star button and use it as a reminder, to JUST DO IT!

Love ya loads, and loads,

Amy xo ✌️

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Bipolar Sunshine — Deckchairs On The Moon

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