Meditation: Day 11 / 100 — Adding ‘No’ To My Vocabulary

I find it hard to say ‘no’ sometimes.

But this year, I’ve started saying no more.

At times it makes me feel ‘selfish’,

And I won’t lie, I do ‘worry’ what people walk away thinking when I say ‘no’, however I say it,

But sometimes, you’ve just gotta say it,

And actually, it’s ok to be selfish too.

Don’t ask me why, but I’ve never been the kind of ‘teenage, or 20 something’ to go out every Friday and Saturday night,

Get smashed off my face,

Drink, like ever really,

Socialize into the a.m.,

(Ok, I socialize, but when it comes down to it, I’m more of a small group, one on one type person).

Go ‘out out’,

And I’m happy with that.

To me, life feels good that way.

And most times when I’ve said yes to putting myself into those situations that are so ‘un-me’, I simply don’t enjoy it.

There’s times where I HAVE enjoyed it, don’t want any of my friends to think I hate hanging out with them here, haha — but they even know, that I’m more the type of friend to go grab a coffee with, explore a new town with, or do something completely random with.

That’s me.

I often say no to going out for a drink, to stay in and learn something for my career instead.

Say no, to go to the gym or move outside instead.

Say no, to get an early nights sleep so I can wake up and give it my all the next day, instead.

Say no, so I can feel full of energy and be a fun person to be around instead.

Saying no, doesn’t mean I’m being a boring, uninterested, ‘selfish’, girl — it just means I’m sticking to my core and what I KNOW feels good to me.

I’ll often get passed comments telling me — ‘I’ve gotta live once in a while’, ‘I’ve gotta enjoy myself and get out more’, to ‘not be a bore’

And all that jazzzz,

But I am living,

Going to the gym, working on my career, and saying yes to lunch and coffee and walks and new opportunities with people, saying yes to the things I genuinely, TRULY want to do, is living to me.

Saying no means making room for more YESSES!

It means putting you and your health first.

It means finding out who the true gems are in your life.

It means being assertive and confident and having control.

It means doing more of what you want to do.

It means not being taken for granted.

It means having respect.

So if you find it hard to say no — just listen to what you feel on the inside,

Do you WANT to say yes? Or do you WANT to say NO?

Be true to YOU, and the rest will follow 😘

Stand inside your true authentic power, you beautiful human.

Zillions of love,

Amy xo

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