Meditation: Day 12 / 100 — How I Set Out To Write Everyday 🖊

Or maybe I should say, how I set out to write my own blog, everyday.

My 20 minute timer is set, let’s go.

I write every single day.

I journal, I write as part of my career, I Facebook message peeps, I instagram 😝,

But today is day 4 of writing my own personal blog, every single day.

I don’t always know what I’m going to write about,

But if you’ve read my other posts, I’m writing whatever comes to my mind from my daily meditation practice.

I just listen to what my head says to write out to the world that day,

And I’m setting out to do it.

So, today I thought I’d share how I intend to do it.

If you want to write daily, what works for you will probably be completely different to what I plan on doing,

How I write at work feels a bit different to how I write for myself personally,

But so far, from writing this lil’ blog of mine,

Here’s what’s helped me so far:

1) Have a reason

Probably the most important one.

The rest doesn’t really matter if you skip this step.

Why do you want to write everyday? For me, it’s because I want to write the words I wish were written for me. For those moments I felt lost, unsure, and when I was scared to step outside my comfort-zone to become the best version of me.

Whether that be social media and marketing (cos’ that’s one of my things), health, fitness, well-being, or life-lessons I’ve learnt so far on this journey of mine.

And if I can spark a little inspiration in you, by doing that, and help you see what’s possible for yourself — that’s a fist pump in the air for me.

If you want to write daily because it just sounds cool and you think it’ll gain you loads of followers on social media — think again buttercup, because it’s likely you’ll drop it as soon as you face discomfort.

So, find YOUR reason why. Not someone else’s.

2) Do it in sprints

Just like I’m doing right now, I’ve only got 13 mins left.

Some think it takes hours, or a day to write something in order to make it count. And yeah, I used to too.

And some writing does!

If you’re writing important sales copy, or a course, you’re going to want to spend some good time over that.

But if it’s a daily writing thing for yourself (in line with your why), doing it in sprints means you’re fully focused in the moment, and some beautiful things can come out,

When you just.type.

And it feels pretty liberating.

3) Don’t NOT do it

Duh. But seriously. Don’t NOT do it.

It’s like forgetting to brush your teeth, or get out of bed in the morning.

Always do what you intend to do.

It doesn’t have to be long, it can be short and sweet.

Set your intentions for the day the night before (or even the weekend before your week starts) and dooo it.

Only YOU hold yourself back with this one.

4) Accept, it ain’t gonna be perfect

It can never be — we can’t measure perfection.

And although this one was a tough one for me to get over, it took some good time, and I have to practice embracing imperfection daily, it feels good to be more laid back and let go.

Writing is about letting go. Write without judgement.

If we only wanted to write perfect things, instead of a first draft (basically what I’m doing now — I don’t really edit my posts!),

We’d NEVER start.

Or we’d spend hours agonizing over every freakin’ word, and hold ourselves back from creating something amazing.

Be messy, let go, put it out even if you’re worried people won’t like it,

Embrace imperfection — it’s inspiring.


5) Don’t let that mind of yours wander

Because, it will want to.

It’ll want to run from the writing. It’ll want to check e-mail, scroll through Facebook, go make a coffee, change your top, brush your hair, whatever…

Totes normal.

Just notice the urge, say HIYA to it and maybe shove two fingers up at it (physically if you like — you’re not crazy, promise),

And sit with it.


So, that’s how I set out to do this daily writing thing I’ve announced to the world.

I’m really excited to see what happens as a result.

Will it enhance my career? Will it help me communicate better with others when I speak? Will it deepen my self-growth? Will it make my dedication to myself even stronger? Will it connect me with more beautiful people?

I don’t know.

But I’m curious to find out.

Zillions of love,

Amy xo

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