Meditation: Day 13 / 100 — Not ‘Another’ Productivity Hack…

…Yes, another productivity hack.

Today is day 13 of meditating daily,

And as I’m on day 5 of writing daily in a row, I’m sat sipping a flat white in my favourite coffee shop in town,

And yep — I’m talking ‘productivity hacks’,

Everyones favouriiiiite type of post, hahaha (not funny).

To be honest, I usually roll my eyes at these kind of posts,

But I get asked a lot — how do I get so much done? And ‘How do I always seem to be in the zone to get things done?,

Which I’m not by the way, not always! — I mean I’d love to be super-woman but I allow myself an entire day every week, to lounge around completely and be a lazy bum so I can be on my A-game, 🤘

Because I’ve learnt that lesson many times,

And I’m NOT going down that route again.

Anyway, so productivity hacks, what one do I want to share with you today?

Probably the one that helps keep my mind feeling ‘fresh’ and focused, which is:

Switching environments.

Nothing fancy like setting timers and reminders on your phone,

No list creating,

No magical colour choice of highlighter.

No drinking ‘bullet proof coffee’ or eating a certain meal to kick-start the day,


For me it’s as simple as switching up the environment I’m working in.

A few years ago when I was dipping my toes into the world of Marketing, and figuring it out from my bedroom, I used to stay glued to my desk,

Which faced a white wall,

On my little laptop, with a glass of water and chocolate milk by my side,

And not really move.

Like ever.

And it used to frustrate me when I felt my work flow getting slower, and I found myself hunching over my laptop with tired eyes.

And then one day, because I enjoy coffee so much and I had just got my driving license (I guess the driving license was really the trigger),

I’d drive myself, and my little laptop, to different coffee shops with wi-fi,

And do sprints of work in there.

Life changing 🙌

I’m real lucky where I work.

I can work in a room with the team, I can sit outside working on the big ‘thinking’ table, I can work and grab a coffee at my local costa, I can even work from the comfort of my lilac sofa, sometimes a hip coffee spot in California, or another country completely if I wanted,

I’m blessed.

So if you ever feel like your work flow is getting stale,

Your drive is slowing down,

Your brain is feeling misty,

Change your environment.

It may just be the best productivity hack you’ll ever take action on.

(Cos’ I told you so 😝)

But really, give it a try, you might just be pleasantly surprised at the new inspiration it stirs up.

What keeps you in your flow-zone? Tell me in the comments below, even though I’m not a lover of productivity hack posts, I’m a fan of hearing all about yours.

Keep being a bad-ass.

Zillions of love,

Amy xo.


My ‘Jam’ At The Moment:
James Blake — Retrograde

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One thought on “Meditation: Day 13 / 100 — Not ‘Another’ Productivity Hack…

  1. angelspartaness says:

    That’s a really good tip! I have worked from a coffee shop a couple of times, and I like it as long as it’s during a slow period and there aren’t a lot of people there. I really think changing up your environment is a good way to get the productivity and ideas flowing. I like to take little walks outside, especially when it is nice weather. I have a bike trail right down the road by my house so it is perfect for taking little strolls. Really gets my mojo flowing and improves my mood, too. Helps when I’m sitting at my desk working all day!


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