Meditation: Day 14 / 100 — Do You Set Your Own Bar Too High?

…Last night, I felt tired. And that rarely happens.

I felt tired, like I wanted nothing more than to lay on my turquoise Yoga mat, breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply, and sleep.

Until my body wanted to wake up.

It wasn’t a physical tired.

More a ‘Amy you’re about to make yourself mentally tired’.

Then this morning I was having a conversation about this with someone, and he said to me:

“Sometimes, don’t do your best, do what’s required.”

I’m not really a do ‘what’s required’ type of person,

I’m more of an all or nothing type of person.

But there’s something about this saying that made me think…

While I don’t agree with NOT doing my best…

…still, surely there comes a point where we ask ourselves, what does ‘doing our best’ even mean??

If you’re like me, an all or nothing type person, who gets super into everything you do… Then I’m going to guess you set your standards for yourself pretty high…

Am I right?

I do!

So for me, doing my best, means the standard which I set myself gets higher and higher and higher — which means I have attached some outcome or expectation to whatever it is I set out to ‘do my best’ with.

You with me?

And if that standard bar keeps getting higher, at some point, if not really quick,

It’s going to get SO high that I make it almost impossible for myself to reach it,

…Without getting ‘burnt-out’ and feeling like I’m going mad.

Which is why meditating to me, whatever I choose to do, is so important to me,

It hit me last night and this morning, that I need to take a step back and not let my own expectations of myself sabotage me.

I’ve been pretty good at letting go of attaching expectations to things lately,

Like relationships with others, how I expect things to play out in different situations, etc., etc.,

But I haven’t been so good at being kind to myself and taking on a ton of things.

Which isn’t good news. It’s not good for health, and it’s not good for the mission you’re on.

I’m what you might call a high achiever, and I definitely get obsessed with throwing myself fully into everything I do…

But if I set the bar by which I measure my life too high, I’ll never feel like I’m doing enough.

Life isn’t something we have control over, it’s not certain.

But what we do have control over is how we choose to react, and how we choose to take action.

Just keep having all the right intentions,

And if at the end of the day, you can say you’re doing all you can with you’re whole heart,

You’re winning.

Zillions of love,

Amy xo

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