Meditation: Day 15 / 100 — Why I’m Going To Write, Even When I Don’t Feel Like It

Today I don’t feel like writing…

But I’m doing it anyway.

I’ve been silly today,

I left my daily writing habit until the evening, when I’ve been doing it in the mornings.

I feel like today, that was a badddd move.

But hey,

Not gonna beat myself up!

From the moment I pinged out of bed I got to the gym,


Foam rolled,

Deadlift-ed (❤)

Ate breakfast,

Did some pre-work learning,

Then wrote and thought strategy stuff all day in the office,

And now I’m sleepy,

And my body is telling me to sleep shortly!

And trying to get me to NOT write,

And I know I should listen to my body, but now I’m writing this, I’m actually quite enjoying it. Ha!

So why am I writing if I really feel like I don’t want to? (Even though I’m really enjoying it now)…

Because I made a promise to myself, and because I love it, and because I’m on a relentless, never ending mission to get better at it!

And y’know what — since doing my own thing daily (or at least more frequently), it’s beginning to feel like it flows,

Like I’m in some sort of flow-state,

Where I’m just typing, without thinking about what sentence is going to come next in three lines time.

And if I’m starting to feel that flow-state, even when I am tired,

I’m really curious and excited to see what else daily writing teaches me.

So do it.

When you set out on doing something, for your own good, do it.

Don’t give up. Even when it feels hard. Because there will always be a time it’s going to feel hard.

Bring yourself back to WHY your doing something,

It’ll always come back to that.

Pick yourself UP and crack on.

Who cares if it’s not ‘perfect’ or just what you expected it to be.

This probably has a few spelling and grammar mistakes,

But I’m not writing this for anyone but myself anyways,

And YAY I just wrote this in 10 minutes.


Ew, did I just say that? 🙄

So if you’re putting something off today, and it’s something that’s important to you, bring yourself back to WHY you started in the first place, and get to it.

Zillions of love my little bad-ass.

Amy xo

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