Meditation: Day 16 / 100 — I’m Craving Sugar, But I’m Not Gonna Fight It…

How many times have you heard ‘sugar is bad for you’?

That ‘carbs are evil’?

How many articles have you seen floating around the web titled, ‘How To Combat Sugar Cravings!’ or ‘Why You Should Cut Sugar’?

I’ve even come across articles for Vegans to help them overcome meat cravings, and even cooked food cravings…


Let’s get real.

Cooked food ain’t gonna kill you,

Neither is sugar,

Or meat,

Or any type of carb.

I don’t really consume much sugar anymore,

Not because I think it’s the root of all evil, I don’t, I think it’s bloody lovely and some sugars are essential,

But I just eat more ‘complex’ carbs nowadays.

I eat a lot of sweet potatoes and white potatoes,

Because potatoes are god.

And because that’s what is working for my body right now!

And I rarely crave sugary stuff like a bar of Cadbury’s or all the Reeses Peanut butter cups I can get my little hands on,

But sometimes I do,

Like yesterday night.

Oh godddd the cravings were real.

Why? Because I’m a woman, and ladies we all feel this. And because I’m human, and Reeses are lush. (If you don’t like Reeses or peanut butter and chocolate get off my blog 😝)

So I had some.

Not Reeses sadly, but I had two of these fruit bars I really enjoy with a Camomile tea, and that satisfied me pretty well.

In my eyes, sugar addiction is a myth (I don’t want to start a debate so please don’t hate on me for saying that)…

But sugar tends to be treated like a hardcore drug, and any desire for it is shamed and feared.

And yeah, while it’s true that sugar can be used like a drug in emotional eating, it’s not bad.

Craving carbs is not something to be ignored and told to shut up.

From my experience so far, I’ve come to believe that food cravings are not a problem unless you have guilt associated with the craving,

Then it just becomes unhealthy for your emotional state.

To me, feelings like shame and guilt are the things that lead to emotional eating and irrational food cravings — not the food itself.

If there was zero guilt or shame attached to a craving, you’d eat it and happily go on about your day.

You’d digest it and your body would use it right, and you’d probably feel just fine!

Guilt never helped no-body.

Eating carbs and sugar feels good. Totally normal and totally natural.

If you restrict yourself of carbs, you may feel yourself going crazy and ‘addicted’ to the way you feel when you do eat carbs and lean in to your natural cravings.

Which can lead to bingeing out — I wish I had realised this sooner all those years ago!

Carbs aren’t bad! You just feel this way when you go hard on denying them.

The more you deny them, the more you put yourself at risk of feeling ‘addicted’ or as if you have a problem with them.

So what am I saying in today’s post?

Start eating what you crave.

Your cravings may not always be rational, but don’t ignore them.

9 times out of 10, what you crave is what you need.

You body is probably asking for something specific, and the longer you deny your natural cravings, the more intense they will become.

But what if I crave doughnuts and pizza?
…I hear you ask.

Wellll, ok, there’s not really any nutritional value to doughnuts and pizza.

But if you’re freaking out about it — find something of nutritional value related to what you’re craving.

Like a banana with some peanut butter, a cocoa and maple syrup milkshake or a butternut squash pizza (one of my fave gluten free ways to make it)…

Or just have a pizza, and a bloody doughnut!

One day of having a doughnut as a snack isn’t going to change a thing.

I’m not saying you should be guzzling soda all day long, or eating cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner… I’m just saying support your body and what it needs…

  • Your body NEEDS carbs
  • Denial and guilt with food cravings can take you down a disordered eating road, which believe me you don’t want to go down
  • Find out what works for you

I want you to be ok with listening to your cravings, and having a good friendship with carbs.

They’re there to support you, lovely.

And your world is a better, more happy place with them.

Now I’m off to eat some potatoes and Thai food 😋

See ya!

Zillions of love,

Amy xo

5 thoughts on “Meditation: Day 16 / 100 — I’m Craving Sugar, But I’m Not Gonna Fight It…

  1. angelspartaness says:

    Really nice post! I totally agree that we should stop being afraid of carbs and sugar. I personally don’t believe in restricting ourselves too much. You’re right, it just leads us down a broken path!

    Liked by 1 person

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