Meditation: Day 18 / 100 — You’ve Got To Stop Sometimes & Take A Break

^ Really!!

First, you might be thinking, where’s post 17?

(Or, you might not really care),

But I wrote post 17 in my personal, perrrsonal journal — so that clears that one up.

So, today is day 18, and I’m feeling a bit yuck.

There’s been this sore throat killer lurking around my town, and I only get hit by it once a year, and I think it’s my time…

…Even though I’m trying to do ALL I bloody can to kill it before it kills me.

I think it’s got me.

Anyway, enough with feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on a case of girl-flu,

Today it feels like Spring!

Like real Spring!

So I got outside with my beaut of a friend, Sammy, and walked about 6 miles around pretty woods and country side full of bluebells.

And oh myyy was it needed!

See, I don’t stop.

I don’t stop working, I don’t stop working out, I don’t stop learning, I don’t stop doing anything,

If I didn’t have Sammy, I probably wouldn’t have stopped this weekend.

And, probably because I don’t stop the sore throat nightmare has got it’s hands wrapped tight around me,

Damnit Amy when are you going to learn?!

It sucks how it takes moments of feeling like tired crap,

Or having headaches, burning eyes, feeling sluggish, to snap you back into reality and actually start taking car of yourself in a different way.

I take care of myself all the time, but if there’s one thing I really neglect, it’s down time, and time out.

Probably because of fear of missing out, or the fact my personality always wants to be growing and doing my best!

But I can’t grow and do my best when I get in my own way, and let myself reach this point.

So today was a reminder, and another light bulb moment of WHY spending time daily to meditate, is so important to me.

In fact, I’ve been naughty…

The past three days I’ve completely cut my meditation short, because I wanted to DO things.

Sometimes it’s not about DOING.

Learn to listen to your body more — the gut really knows!

And let yourself have a break.

That’s my lesson to myself today.

Now for a hot bath, music, and a Camomile tea.

Zillions of love,

Amy xo

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