Meditation: Day 19 / 100 — Why I’m Going To Stop Blogging Daily (…But Not Writing Daily)

So today I’ve decided I’m going to stop blogging daily.

(But I’m still going to write daily!)

One, I never set how many days I’m going to daily blog for.

And two, something my friend Jeremiah ‘Shark’ said to me got me thinking about it…

He told me to set a day (or two) a week that people can expect to see a new blog from me, cos’ if I post daily and post it on Facebook, something good might get lost.

And while Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t quite work by showing people things only when you post them,

He has a point!

While there’s no rules about how often you should blog, and I know many advocate it, I think there’s some things to think about before you dedicate yourself to blogging daily…

Already, I’ve felt a ton of benefits,

I feel like I can write quicker, for work and for myself — seriously, at the beginning I used to spend hours, even a day agonising over the topic and then an hour or so actually writing the thing… And now it can take me as little as 20, even 10 minutes!

I’m finding my voice,

I’ve connected with some awesome people,

And I find a rush of excitement when I go to do it and hit the pretty publish button,

But when it comes to blogging daily, I think there’s a few solid reasons why I want to take a step back…

More blog posts equals a greater chance to overlap:

Alright, there might not be that many posts on my blog right now, but the more I write (and if I write a new blog daily) there will soon be a few hundred.

And does each one express something unique? Nope! And the chances of each one being unique will get slimmer and slimmer the more I put out there.

And I don’t want my readers to think they’ve heard me say the same thing over and over again and start to *yawn*.

AND I don’t want my posts to get missed…

Which leads me onto the next point:

More isn’t always better:

We’ve all heard that cliche ‘quality over quantity’ — and I’m starting to feel that now with my own blog.

I’d much rather put out a longer (or shorter) post that has a lot more depth and love gone into it, rather than write a quick one because I’ve put this promise out to the world.

Some of my best posts that I know people have enjoyed have a lot more depth to them, are a lot more open, and were done when I spent more time really thinking about what I’m typing.

And I don’t want my posts to always be quick ones.

I want to pour love into them, without feeling tired at the end of the day, or in a rush to get out the door in the morning.

Setting expectations for your readers:

I love knowing that one of my favourite podcasts comes out every Tuesday so I can listen to it on a Wednesday.

And I love knowing that I’ll get to read an email twice a week from one of my favourite email Marketers.

And now I know I’ve got some loyal readers (thank you, I love you!) I want to create the same expectations for them too.

Posting daily is hard.

And with the amount or time and energy that goes into it, something good could get missed!

(And like I said, people might start to get really used to it…)

And I also write this blog for myself, so why set my standards too high for myself and freak out if I don’t write daily?

So I’m going to post twice a week instead, and set those boundaries and expectations.


Now, although I’m not going to blog daily, I’m still going to write in my journal daily, because I don’t want to stop this habit I’m really enjoying.

I just want to set the boundary for myself,

And pour more love into my weekly posts 😌

So, with that said, you can expect posts from me every Monday and Thursday 😉 (or at least every Monday)…

Zillions of love,

Amy xo

P.S. Do you have a blog I haven’t seen yet? Send it my way lovely! I wanna enjoy this writing journey with you.

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