Meditation: Day 29 / 100 — Stop ‘Striving’, Be Compassionate ❤

Health and movement are a BIG part of my life.

I’ve gone through many battles with it, mentally…

I’ve wanted to look ‘skinny’, I’ve wanted to run (to lose weight), I wanted to get my black belt and represent England, I wanted to do all I could to have gold medals sit upon my chest, I’ve wanted the perfect 6-pack abs, super quads, be able to fall into the splits with ease, do a handstand…

And most of them — I achieved (apart from the 6 pack abs and the handstand — I could still work on the handstand)…

But that was an old me…

Today — to be ‘healthy’ and allow my body to move freely, moving it in whatever way I want it to move, is at my core.

A lot of us would like to change our bodies, be able to stick to exercise habits, and eat like the latest celeb in ‘OK’ magazine,

And there’s nothing wrong with that,

But when it can have a not so positive impact on us is when we strive for something… and when we don’t meet that ideal (or if that ideal doesn’t feel how we expected it to feel).

We might follow a juicing diet or whatever, and when we hit the 4 week mark, we might have lost some lb’s, but not look how we expected…

We might spend months training for a marathon, and when we complete them, the feeling might not live up to the fantasy we had in our head…

We might be 1000% dedicated to our diet and gym plan, but when we don’t reach the results as quickly as we thought we would, we might feel dis-heartened and disappointed.

I know I’ve been in that place a few times…

Where I attached expectations to the actions I was taking, then let myself down when the result, wasn’t what I dreamt it would be.

So, what would it be like if we didn’t ‘strive’ for fitness goals?

What would it be like if we stopped ‘striving’ and were compassionate instead?

From what I’ve experienced so far… when we ‘strive’ for a fitness ideal, there’s a few problems we can run into:

  • Nothing is certain, so when an expectation is attached to an outcome, and it ins’t reached — disappointment and frustration can set in.
  • You don’t reach the ‘ideal’ right away — some can take several months to reach, some even years. The first few days or weeks you do something, you might not hit any ‘ideal, which is no fun.
  • What happens next after we reach the goal we strive for? What’s next? This happened to me a few weeks back — hit my strength goals, and then I sat on my sofa thinking, what’s next? All confused and feeling a bit lost, teary and frustrated.

Something I’ve come to think about over the last week, is if our profession isn’t an Athlete, a Personal Trainer, or some kind of coach — there’s nothing really that we NEED to strive for in the world of health and fitness other than to take care of ourselves.

We’re already in a moment that we’re meant to be in,

A moment that is filled with beauty, with wonder,

But we take it for granted and fantasise about having something else instead.

So, what if we could stop striving and setting our own selves up for disappointment?

That doesn’t mean we say see ya to health and fitness, sit on the sofa all day and stuff our face with pizza and chocolate (although endless amounts of chocolate would be nice right now)…


It means that we can find joy and peace in who we are, where we are and enjoy the process.

What I mean by that is this…

We can appreciate the gift this body we live in — and take care of it — move, eat well, sleep, relax, love it, thank it.

Be grateful we get to experience this thing we call life — be curious, be playful, take time to notice, explore and grow.

Enjoy food and nourish our body — stop abusing ourselves with disordered thoughts and shutting down our cravings, or eating to numb out pain. Feed the body what it wants and needs so you feel full of energy and GREAT.

Appreciate what is now — because now is all we have, and we have every ounce of control over how we choose to act in this moment. (Mostly)

I want to let go of striving for something more. And lean in to being more compassionate with myself and enjoying the moment I’m in.

When I do what feels right, and listen to my gut — the rest will flow.


Love ya zillions,

Amy xo

One thought on “Meditation: Day 29 / 100 — Stop ‘Striving’, Be Compassionate ❤

  1. Eccentric Elayne says:

    Awesome post! I think many of us have felt the pressures of the world try to force us into an ideal of “perfection”. Perfection for each individual does vary, and like you said, it’s most important to be healthy and capable. Nobody should destroy themselves over their activity levels, strength, or diet. There is no true standard of perfection, and each individual deserves to see that they are worthy.

    Liked by 1 person

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