Facebook Advertising: Why It’s Like Dating 😍

(Oh and this is Mediation: Day 34 / 100… it just didn’t fit in with the title).

Using Facebook to get more new customers or clients is a hot topic among business owners…

…And I think it’ll remain hotter than fire for quite a while, Facebook isn’t gonna die anytime soon.

It’s incredibly easy to find new people to do business with you using it,

But (and this is a BIG but) only when you understand how to use Facebook to do it… Which most people don’t.

Though when you look at it this way, acquiring new leads from Facebook, makes a lot more sense…

It’s like dating. 

Think of your relationship with someone you want to turn into a customer in terms of a romantic interest.

If you fancy someone, you’re not going to run up to them and ask them to marry you (well I hope you’re not, unless you’re creepy).

Before you even say hello, you’ve got to share a glance first.

If I’m in the gym cooling down on the stretch mats, and I share a glance with a cute guy, and he comes over to me and asks me to be all his then and there…

I’m going to grab my gym bag as quick as I can and walk away very fast out the doors!

But if I’m in the gym, cooling down on the stretch mats, I share a glance with a cute guy,

A few more times than once so I know he might be into me,

We give each other a cheeky little smile,

Then the next time I’m in there I see the same cute guy,

We say hi with our eyes, and smile again,

Then he comes over, compliments my workout form, we chat, we laugh…

Then he’s more likely to get my number. (I wish that happened btw, ha!)

And ka-ching! He got a hot lead, because he took the time to start the relationship… 

He didn’t walk up right away and be all creepy,

And it’s the same with Facebook advertising.

If you use the power of Facebook to exchange a glance with your ‘Perfect Customer’, using an ad for something like a blog post,

Or a video of you educating them on something of interest,

Get them to interact with it by clicking through, watching the video, reacting to the ad, or commenting…

Then (and only then) can you show up again the next day with an offer,

Showing them that you have the solution to a problem you know they have…

…Because they’ve engaged with your first ad — A.K.A. the GLANCE.

Then once they’ve taken action on your offer, you can talk to them, find about more about them, see if you’re the perfect fit for each other,

And then you’re more likely to have a brand new customer.

But the problem with most business owners is this — they ask someone to ‘marry them’ right away — without taking the time to build a relationship.

They put a Facebook ad out there, saying something like:

“I’m yadda yadda so and so, I’ve got this degree and that degree, you should buy this product because it’s great and we spent so much time creating it.”

Sorry Mr.Business Owner, but no one cares, and you’ve lost my interest.

You’re asking someone for commitment way too soon.

As my Boss always says — “You can’t run your business one way, and live your life another.”

Think about it, who would you rather do business with:

  1. Some random business who interrupts your day and asks you to give them your name, phone number and e-mail address, while you’re scrolling through Facebook to see what’s going on because you’re waiting in line at Starbucks…


2. A business you’ve seen show up over and over again, whose content you enjoy consuming, who has taken the time to build your trust, educate you on who they are and what they can do for you, provided you with valuable information for free, and invested time into building a relationship with you…

My guess would be the latter.

To be successful with Facebook right now you need to be smart and follow a strategic plan.

Gone are the days of asking someone to give you your phone number online right away,

The online space is too crowded!

Play by the way consumers behave now.

Take the time to show up,




And nurture people down the path to showing them that you’re the solution to their problem…

And you’ll be lightyears ahead.

So the moral of this blog post…

Don’t be creepy, be smooth.

Take it slow, don’t dive in.

Treat Facebook ads like dating and not a quick right swipe on Tinder.

Zillions of love,

Amy xo


Why am I talking about Facebook when I mainly post lifestyle stuff?…

Because I work in the world of Marketing too and I’m pretty passionate about it, and Facebook ads done right EXCITE me… I’m the Brand Strategist and Head of Marketing for Paul Gough Media — and what we do?

We use Digital Marketing Strategies to help great Healthcare Professionals, become even more successful business owners, and live extraordinary lives (while serving more people — who need their help).

You can check us out when you click here.


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