Meditation: Day 37 / 100 — Goals vs. Daily Habits, What’s Better?

I’m going to talk about habits, and routine,

Two of my favourite things,

Two of the most powerful things that make my world spin round nicely,

And why I think there’s a BIG difference between setting goals vs. daily habits.

So, a week or two back, I decided to stop daily blogging (for good reason), but not to stop daily writing (for good reason)…

But here’s the thing, if I’m being honest with myself, and you — not blogging daily is actually harder for me than blogging daily!

Makes no sense, right?

So I told myself I’d publish a new blog twice a week online, out into the big wide internet world, and that I’d write daily in my journal…

But I find it a lot more comfortable, and my writing flows a whole lot better, when I do it publicly…

WHY is that?

Maybe because it’s keeping myself accountable with the standards I set,

Or maybe it’s because the act of writing is a big part of my own life vision,

I think it’s both.

I’m still not going to blog daily — because I want to pour my heart into more heartfelt, longer, or even just more time spent on content…

But I might blog daily for myself, and just not hit publish… Or, I might share it on an anonymous blog (but I guess you’ll never know hehehe 😄)

Anyways, when I write daily, and pour my mind out loud online — my writing gets better,

Or at least the process of writing feels better to me.

I can get blogs and email marketing I do in my career time done quicker, sweeter, and sharper (and actually at a higher quality!),

I feel lighter in myself, have higher energy, feel like a more powerful woman, and even more inspired,

Basically, my day goes swimmingly, when I write for myself first.

Which brings me round to this: setting goals vs. habits.

What’s better?…

Well think about it in terms of this… When a new year comes, or a Monday, or a brand new month, or whatever… it’s not uncommon for people to set new goals.

Let’s look at it in terms of being more active — you might set a goal of going to the gym 2–3 times a week to make sure you accomplish it…

But in my mind (and this is just in my mind, I’m not asking for a fight), setting small goals like this, is a trap.

It gets easy for you to hide away from actually doing it, changing a habit, and becoming a more powerful version of yourself.

Am I saying workout 7 days a week? Hell no! You can move daily in different ways,

I’m saying if we’re serious about change, we need to be working on it every day, otherwise it’s too easy to compromise when we’re only doing something 3 times a week.

We can make up excuses to miss a day and leave it until tomorrow. We can say we’re too busy this day so we’ll do it another… and then we’ll get all down in the dumps because yet again, what we set out to do, failed.

(Or we failed ourselves, more like).

You’ll never change your life until you change something daily.

If we’re serious about making our lives better and better, we need to build daily habits.

Why? Because when we make daily habits, we have to re-design the way we act, and how our days plan out.

Not saying everyday will go the same, because life isn’t certain!

We have to get creative sometimes.

And y’know what I’ve found when I’ve embedded daily habits in my life?

It frees me from decision making so I can focus on my creative work.

My days go something like this…

I wake up between 5–6 (everyday, even on weekends, unless I’ve had a late one… for some rare reason).

I’ll cook up the same Breakfast (it keeps things simple for me, and I really love my breakfast).

I’ll either go to the gym to hit the weights, or breathe and stretch on my Yoga mat.

I’ll dance around to music while I enjoy a coffee and sing real loud.

I’ll write.

Then the rest of my day is mine to conquer!

(And I’ll get my zzz’s before 10)

Every day we have the opportunity to do something different that’ll enhance our lives (and yeah, it’ll be difficult at first!).

Anyone can set a goal, but those who are serious about improving their life — in my experience on this planet so far — make daily habits.

Here’s to living a more powerful life, you love and get EXCITED to welcome, everyday.

Love ya zillions,

Amy xo


I’m the Brand Strategist and Head of Marketing for Paul Gough Media — and what we do?

We use Digital Marketing Strategies to help great Healthcare Professionals, become even more successful business owners, and live extraordinary lives (while serving more people — who need their help).

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My ‘Jam’ At The Moment:
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3 thoughts on “Meditation: Day 37 / 100 — Goals vs. Daily Habits, What’s Better?

  1. angelspartaness says:

    The point about how setting small goals is a trap that sets us up for compromising on them is very fascinating. I just never thought of it that way! Lately I’ve been setting a lot of small goals that aren’t working out for me in one way or another. I’ve been thinking about trying to do a little bit of everything I want to accomplish each day instead of doing things a few times a week. Now I know I’m not alone in that thinking! I think it’ll work for me, trying to do better each and every day. Nice post 🙂

    -Helene, xo ❤

    p.s. I find it so interesting that you eat the same breakfast every day haha and now I'm curious as to what you eat!

    Liked by 1 person

      • angelspartaness says:

        That sounds like a really filling breakfast! What do I have for breakfast? If I’m by myself I usually have some combination of egg whites, oatmeal, smoothie, stuff like that. If my boyfriend is home (he usually works first shift, but on his off days or days he works second we eat together) we have bacon and eggs with either toast or fried potatoes and some fruit 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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