How To Use Facebook Today, To Be More Profitable

I’m going to talk about Facebook in this article.

Particularly Facebook Advertising for small businesses and the whole traffic-driving situation.

As Business Owners, one thing we can agree on, is that we all want more customers,

Or maybe I should say loyal customers who will do business with us over, and over, and over.


And when it comes to spending $$$ on your Marketing efforts — this is what a lot of people focus on.

Which is cool, and is definitely something you should be focusing on, but if that’s all you focus on today… Good luck.

A few years back (maybe even just over 1 year back) it was ok to put a direct offer up and ask people to do business with you right away,

But over the last year, they way people behave online has evolved MASSIVELY.

Serious. The changes in Online Marketing are coming in fast and furious,and if you don’t keep up, I’m sorry but… man down.

There’s a huge difference in the way businesses should be using Facebook advertising, compared to a year or so ago.

Facebook works — but just like any other Marketing effort, it only works if you’ve got the right strategy.

The way you use Marketing to acquire more customers, isn’t too different to baking a cake.

You can buy all the ingredients,

But if you mix up the quantities, and use 400 ml of coconut milk, instead of 250 ml (like I usually do 🙄, probably why I suck at baking anything sweet, which is a blessing in disguise)…

You’ll likely end up with a runny cake mixture that just… well… doesn’t cook, and produce the result you want.

Just like if you throw a Facebook ad out there asking people to buy, buy, buy… in today’s world, that won’t produce the result you want.

Here’s why…

The reason Facebook exists is to entertain people, connect them with family and friends, check the news… People don’t go on it to solve a problem. They’re not actively looking for solutions to problems — they go elsewhere, like Google, to do that…

So as a business, you need to approach Facebook completely differently.

It’s easy to slap a great solution up on Facebook — cos’ you’re obviously in business because you have a solution people need.

But diving in for the hard sell on Facebook, will more often than not, (but not always,) end in disappointment.

In the time we’ve over-seen Facebook ads at the Agency I’m a part of, sending people directly to a sales page asking for their contact details, is no longer a recipe for success…

It depends what kinda biz you’re in, so don’t rule it out, but if you’re in an industry like health care, I’d say there’s a better, more gentle way to go about it.

You need to play the Facebook game…

You need to ‘blend in’…

Let me explain:

If Facebook puts it’s users above businesses, and Facebook’s users are going there to be entertained, educated by the news, and connect with people…

You need to do the same.

Do something different than what it’s users are using the platform for… and you’ll likely get frustrated and say ‘Facebook isn’t working for me’.


Facebook works — but only if you’re smart and understand how to use it.

Give value to your audience.

Teach them something to catch their attention.

Entertain them.

And THEN use the power of Facebook ads to follow-up and educate them on WHY they need to take action, (driving them to your opt-in page), and give you their details to do business with you, and make use of the solution to their problem.

Facebook is now the world’s biggest database.

As these online platforms develop along with the way people behave online, we’re gifted with new opportunities.

Play the longer game…

And yes, it might take a few weeks until you get someone into your sales pipeline,

But hey, you’re going to have a big audience of people you’ve asked Facebook to find for you…

Who you know NEED YOUR HELP…

To deliver your offer to.

Educate, entertain, nurture and most importantly build relationships.

There’s never been a better opportunity standing right in front of you, to help more people.

Love ya zillions,

Amy xo ✌️


I’m the Brand Strategist and Head of Marketing for Paul Gough Media — and what we do?

We use Digital Marketing Strategies to help great Healthcare Professionals, become even more successful business owners, and live extraordinary lives (while serving more people — who need their help).

You can check us out when you click here.


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