Meditation: Day 58 / 100 — Dear Dad…

Dear Dad,

Yesterday was Father’s Day,

And I couldn’t really fit all I wanted to say in a card, so this one’s for you…

Sorry I wasn’t there for Father’s Day, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me, after all, we live 300 miles away.

Almost 2 years ago you helped me make the big move, (well, 300 miles feels big to us Brits), and I couldn’t have done it without you.

You followed me on a 6 hour journey squashed in my little fiat, in a van stuffed with my life, and helped me organise it.

You helped me with my first food shop, and made sure I had all the essential home tools I needed, in order to survive living alone.

Only you would think to arm me with a tool box, spare light bulbs, fuses, a little step stool, extension plug, oh and a ziplock bag packed with tea and milk in case I had guests round (cos’ I don’t drink tea).

And even though you made me look like a right fool in front of my new boss, and best friend, with the whole ‘Hartlepool Lizard’ story… that only you will understand, I thank you.

You’ve had a bigger impact on mine, Matt’s and Riley’s life than you know.

Even though we may have had a grey patch once, I see way beyond that now.

From the day we were born, you always made sure to do everything you could, to make sure we knew we were loved (are loved), and that everything was always going to be ok.

You’d play silly games in the bath, and let us wash your hair 10 times with bath bubbles, even though we always got soap in your eyes.

You’d always bring us a pressie home after work, even if it was a can of coke from the fridge downstairs, we still thought it was a gift, you knew how to make our day.

I always looked forward to going swimming every weekend just so we could play ‘floaty city’ and ‘nang nangs’ in the pool until we turned into prunes,

The fact you played chase and ‘little red spiders’ round the garden with us, even though you could have been doing work,

That you taught us good manners, and how to always be polite. Something I’ll always treasure.

You always made Maths ‘fun’ with the worksheets you made, and made sure I did well at school so the world could be mine if I wanted it to be, even if I didn’t choose to take Economics and Business studies… you always supported my education choices.

You were always there to support us in anything we wanted to do… Ballet, the constant long trips to Karate courses and gradings, to help me find a flat within the space of 2 weeks.

You always made sure we had the best of quality, with everything.

Made sure we got to experience memorable things, like our first trip to America to Disney Land, NASA, and Universal Studios. Endless trips to London to see all the museums, and do fun things like ride the London Eye when it opened, have a BBC studio tour, and eat at the best steak restaurant in your favourite seat by the kitchen.

Gave me a step-sister who means the world to me.

Showed me how to use a camera,

How to use a computer, ride a bike, swim, make sense of choosing a new car, and all that adult stuff I wouldn’t know other wise like changing a bulb on a really awkward light shade in my living room.

You helped me navigate through life and shape me into the person I am today.

And for that, I’ll always be thankful.

Even if you make me gullible in the most stupidest of ways, try to make me laugh with the worlds worst Dad jokes, never ever stop telling the same old childhood story, and completely over-exaggerate when you tell them, to make me look even more weirder than I am…

(I got my ‘weird’ gene from you that’s for sure),

I still love ya.

And I’m proud to call you my Dad.

So, Happy Father’s Day, every day, Dad.

You’re the best.

You taught me tons of things, but maybe one of the biggest is this:

You taught me that I’m not here to make you proud, I am here to be me. And that is enough. And always will be.

Never stop being silly you!

We love you tons. 💙

Amy xo

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