5 Fun Ways To Get Fit With Your Dog 🐶 💕

If you were to ask me… “Cats or Dogs??”

Hands down, I’d say Dogs, everyday.

I love them. I’m crazy about them. Actually, the one thing I miss most since moving out 2 years ago, is my Dog (shh, don’t tell my Mum I said that).


The other week I came across this graphic from PuppySpot – a service committed to helping responsible breeders place their puppies with caring a caring home – CUTE. (You can check them out here)

And the graphic was all about how to keep active with your pup.

So I thought, why not do a post on it?…

I love Dogs AND I love working out – could there be a better combo?? I don’t think so.

So, I went home, saw my Mum, saw my Doggy, and thought “I’ve got a GREAT idea, why don’t I make a video WITH my Doggy, and show you some workout ideas!”…

But as you’ll see when you hit play on the video above, that diiiidn’t exactly go to plan.

You see, Ellie is a Labradoodle, and they’re quite possibly one of THE most craziest Dogs on the planet – if not THE craziest in all existence.

They have sooo much energy, no amount of running will wear them out. Not this Labradoodle anyway. So I gave it a good shot. But hey, certain workout moves with Ellie-belly just aren’t meant to be…

So I’ve jotted down some ideas for you in this post instead. Because if you have a Dog (that’s not as crazy as mine, and you want to avoid the gym at all costs) exercising with your Dog is a great way to fit exercise in.

Here we go!

1. Running!

Ok, if you do have a crazy Dog like mine, this one is definitely possible.

You’ve gotta walk your Dog once a day anyway, right? Right.

So why not get your heart racing and run with your Dog?

You can hit the pavements with your Dog on a lead, or let them loose in a nearby field where they’re allowed off. Dogs love to run, and they won’t complain. It’s way more fun than running alone.

And if you’re not the endurance type (which I am definitely NOT, this next one is perfect)

2. Sprints!

I love HIIT training. It gets cardio out the way FAST, and boy does it get your heart racing (perfect for fat burning too).

I’m not an endurance kinda girl if you hadn’t already guessed, and if the thought of doing sprint intervals cooped up inside a gym on the treadmill isn’t your thing, then doing it with your Dog is a blast.

My tip: bring a ball with you on your walk, find a big open area, throw that ball and go sprint with your Dog like you’re in a race to go and fetch it.

It’s fun. It gets your heart racing. And your Dog will love it too.

3. Agility Classes

If your Dog has a lot of energy, find an agility group or class.

This high-energy, running, jumping competitive sport is not only great exercise, but develops confidence and new skills for you Dog, and you can get involved too! You’ll have to run around with your dog, bend down, jump, run in and out of mini Dog obstacle courses, it’ll keep you both on your toes.

4. Work The Core

Ok, you might be thinking what am I on about? You can’t work your core with your Dog.

But you can… By doing something I like to call the ‘plank pass’.

What do you do? You start in a full plank position with your feet wide.

Pick up your Dog’s toy with your left hand and bend your arm across to the right so that your dog chases after it.

Once your Dog is in front of the toy, extend your left arm out to the left side of your body so your Dog has to go after it again (if your dog plays fetch, you can toss the toy and have them bring it back to you). Repeat 5 times with your left arm, and then 5 times with the right. And feel the burrrrrn.

5. Walk

Alright Captain Obvious! But DUH! Walking is great. It’s a low-impact activity, and it’s the one thing I really miss doing with my Dog.

On a rest day from the gym, when I’m feeling a bit achey and tight, I used to love going to a long walk with the Dog.

Dogs are the great excuse to walk somewhere new, and if you’ve got time on your hands, why not let your Dog take the lead and show you a new route instead?

I wish I still had my Dog with me, cos’ the amount of times I’ve gone walking down the seafront listening to a Podcast and asked if I’m ok just because I’m alone, is getting old now.

So WALK. It’s good for you, and it’s good for your Dog.

So, there’s just some of my ideas, that don’t require any equipment apart from a Dog, (and maybe a tennis ball).

Beats the gym if you hate it and killing yourself on a treadmill right?

Dogs will never cancel on you. They’ll always be raring to go as soon as you screech ‘walks!’. They’ll NEVER complain. You’ll get fresh air. It’s a fun way to keep active, and it’s free!

Convinced to workout with your Doggy now? 🙂

Let me know in the comments below how you fit in movement with your Dog – lets use this post to gather ideas together.

Love ya zillions,

Amy xx


P.S. Here’s some more Doggy workout ideas from PuppySpot:



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