You’re Alive — Take Advantage Of It

It’s 9:04 pm on Wednesday evening.

I just got in for the day about an hour ago. And even though I’ve had my eyes fixed on a screen for most of the day (and even though I kept telling myself to step away from the screen and write tomorrow morning instead) I just had to write this quick post while I feel inspired.

Inspiration struck from something my Boss, Paul, said in our teams ‘morning huddle’ on Tuesday, which was along the lines of this…

One day you’re gonna die. So why sit around on your butt, watching Eastenders or whatever day in day out, waiting for something great to happen. Just do it.

Not the words he said exactly… But that’s the gist.

You see, I’m passionate about learning. Always have been. When I find something that captures my attention, I get obsessed with it. I want to spend any free moment I can engrossing myself in it. It makes me feel alive. Gives me a buzz. It’s a big part of what makes me, me.

And there’s been times where I question…

Am I trying to learn ‘too much in one go?’

‘Should I be focusing on this instead of that, or that instead of this?’…

Should I be spending my time doing something other than listening to that podcast, or watching that tutorial right now? Like, an episode of Celebs Go Dating or something?’

(Ok, I do sometimes watch Celebs Go Dating — don’t judge, we all have something mind numbing, you can’t lie to me and tell me you don’t).

And the thing is, every time someone tells me to have a dose of ‘me time’, or to take a day or two, or a week OFF of learning and soaking up information… I find myself thinking ‘but what will I do??’

Of course I can step away and enjoy quality quiet time, and time with my peeps I love, but when learning and digesting information to expand my knowledge, make an impact (no matter how big or small), and reinforce that what I’m doing is the right thing – brings my so much energy and sweet satisfaction — why would I deny myself of that??

One day you’re gonna die. We’re all gonna die. I don’t mean to be morbid, it’s just fact.

These 3 words are so significant. If you’re not conscious of your own mortality, then how can you attempt to live?

Think about it. It’s pretty empowering, wouldn’t you agree?

When you take a positive spin on those 3 words, it can move you to do extraordinary things.

I don’t want to just go through the motions in life. I don’t want to be complacent, stagnant, passive and inactive in this life journey of mine.

I want to put myself in a position to make magical things happen. To make a difference. To add to people’s success as well as my own, whatever I choose to measure that by.

So my takeaway is this — it is 1 billion, trillion, zillion percent ok if your version of ‘me time’, is spent consuming podcasts, courses, books and webinars, even IF people say to you it’s ‘too much’, ‘you’re gonna burn out’, ‘you need to take a break’.

I’ll step away and have my quiet time when it suits me thank you very much. 😉

We always have a choice. YOU always have a choice. Go do what energises you and what ignites your passion.

That’s my lesson learnt this week.

Thank you Tuesday morning huddle.

Love ya zillions! 😘

Amy xo


I’m the Brand Strategist and Head of Marketing for Paul Gough Media — what we do?

We use Digital Marketing Strategies to help great Healthcare Professionals, become even more successful business owners, and live extraordinary lives (while serving more people — who need their help).

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