(Or thoughts from a 16 year old me on a train journey home in October)

It’s 6:27pm.

It’s a Sunday night. I found this entry I wrote in my journal while I was travelling on the train home from college, and I wanted to share it…

“I don’t know what living a ‘balanced life’ is,

…or if it even exists.

When I’m happy, I don’t just smile, I’m like a child high on e-numbers.

When I’m sad, I don’t just cry, I spill tears like a bath’s taps you forget to turn off.

When I’m angry, I don’t shout, my heart shatters into tiny painful pieces.

When I’m passionate, I don’t just ‘do’, I dedicate my soul.

And when I love, I love hard.

But when I feel pain, I put on a veil which some lift, but only some…

…and I crawl into a place called solitude, which I’m learning to come out.

I feel in extremes.

There’s no other way I’d rather be.

I have so much love to give, and so much love to live.

I want to experience all that this beautiful life has for you and for me.”

-Amy 😘

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