Facebook Ads: Why You Need To Stay Compliant To Avoid Lock-Down 🔥

Have you ever spent hours on crafting the perfect Facebook ad strategy,

Filming the video…

Playing around with photoshop to create an attention-grabbing image…

Writing the ad copy 10 times over…

Navigating your way through the Ad Platform setting the whole thing up…

Then, when you finally get to the stage of pressing the ‘review’ button to make the ad live, because in your mind you’ve totally nailed it…

To only be told a few seconds later that your ad — wasn’t approved. 

Can you relate? Chances are you can. (And if you can’t you’re either lying, or it just hasn’t happened ‘yet’ 😉)

I’ve been there. The Digital Marketing Agency for PT’s I work for has definitely been there.

If one thing is for sure it’s this — running Facebook Ads, and getting past the Facebook police can be a pain in the butt (to put it politely).

But there’s something I want you to know — even though Facebook Ads can feel like mission impossible at times, Facebook ain’t the bad guy. Actually, Facebook puts its user’s experience at the heart of everything they do, they’re on a good mission! ❤️

It’s people like you and I that just need to play by the rules to keep in Facebook’s good books…

Which is why I want to talk to you about Facebook Ad Policy today (THE most important part of the puzzle piece to be aware of before running ANY kind of ad).

You with me? Cool. Keep reading…

Facebook Ad Policy: What You Need To Know 👇

I’m no Facebook ‘know-it-all’, but if there’s one thing I’m certain of with Facebook, they’re HOT on businesses sticking to the rules with ads and content.

Note: Don’t quote me word for word here, this is just a summary of everything I’ve learnt during my time running Facebook Ads (and we spend A LOT of money on them, for multiple Health Clinics all over the world)… 

Here’s what I want you to know:

#1 Facebook Is Filling Up 👥

Yup. Despite it being one of the most (if not the most) popular social media platforms in the universe, the advertising space is getting crowded.

So, as advertisers, we need to become even more sophisticated to stand out.

This doesn’t always mean doing something crazy to make your ads look completely different, in fact, Facebook wants you to find ways of blending in with the newsfeed while STILL capturing attention.

So if you can find ways of doing that — crafting the right Marketing message, building trust and familiarity by being consistent with branding, always showing your face… Facebook will like you.


#2 User Experience Is Key ❤️

It’s what Facebook stands for — putting its user’s experience at the centre of everything they do.

Each decision at Facebook is built with the user in mind.

They want to create a space for people to hang out, interact with family and friends, be part of communities and NOT have to be reminded of bad news (or in our case their chronic back pain!).

If you’re a newbie, you can’t just come in and say what you want. Instead, focus on the positive after-state rather than the negative.

Focusing on something like chronic back pain is the problem NOT mentioning it.

So you can mention it, just don’t focus on it.

Positive vibes only ✌️

#3 Health is Wealth 🍏

Quite literally in life and with Facebook.

If you’ve got any rotten apples in your ad account, and any rule-breaking going on, it’s going to impact the health of your ad account big time.

Had any ads disapproved? Get rid of them. Got any negative engagement on your page? Deal with it and probably delete it too.

If you’ve got disapproved ads lurking in your account (even if they aren’t switched on) Facebook will come down on you, and depending how much gas you have left in your Facebook account, you can even get banned.

So keep it healthy and stay updated with their policy.

#4 Your Ad Account Is Like A Fuel Tank ⚠️

That’s probably the best way I can put it.

Each ad account is scored which determines the level on your fuel gauge.

Have disapproved ads, ads with too much text, focusing on the negative rather than the positive after-state — and your fuel gauge will get low.

But put up ads that engage your audience, post regularly on your page, hold consistent and engaging Facebook lives — and you’ll remain topped up.

At the moment, Facebook has no way of showing you how low or full your gas tank is, but rumour has it they’re working on it.

Do all the things I noted above and check-in with their policy WEEKLY, and there’s a good chance you’ll be rewarded.

To sum it up… 📝

  • Facebook THRIVES on user-generated content.
  • It cares about delivering an amazing customer experience which people don’t want to leave.
  • It wants to give people a positive platform where they don’t have to be reminded of the ‘bad stuff’.
  • The little things matter. Trust me.
  • You can’t JUST run Facebook ads and do nothing else. Your social media strategy is KEY.
  • There’s no slipping past the Facebook Ad Police either, even if you have for a couple of days or weeks, they’re going to catch you.

There’s obviously so much more to it, too much to cover in this one post, though these are the latest updates that I want you to be aware of — I got your back 😉

Here’s to Facebook Ad Success!

Love ya,

Amy 😘

P.S. You can check out the Facebook Ad Policy here, in fact, bookmark it right this moment so you don’t forget (and block it off on your calendar too).


I’m the Brand Strategist and Head of Marketing for Paul Gough Media — what we do?

We use Digital Marketing Strategies to help great Healthcare Professionals, become even more successful business owners, and live extraordinary lives (while serving more people — who need their help).

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