12 Life-Changing Lessons 2017 Taught Me

And if I could use one word, to sum up 2017, it would be — ‘insightful’ 🔮

I’ve never been one for New Years celebrations hard-core style. I prefer to take the time to reflect, take time out for myself, and go to bed even before midnight if I want to — that’s just how I roll.

On the final day of 2017, during my long car journey home I reflected on the lessons I learned during the last 365 days, month by month — here are the ones I’ll be bringing with me this year, maybe you’ll find yourself in them too 🙂

1. January — If You’re A Perfectionist, Use It To Your Advantage

Perfectionism tends to have a bad rep, but last year I learnt this — perfectionism itself isn’t the offender; allowing it to run rampant in its extreme form to the point that it jeopardizes your well-being is.

When you learn to embrace it fully and let go, it can truly enhance productivity without compromising the pursuit of excellence.

Ever since realising this, I’ve been on a journey of accepting my inner perfectionist, loving her, and not letting her hold me back FROM making mistakes so I can learn and grow even more along the way.


2. February — Open Room In Your Heart For The Unexpected

The month of ‘cupid’. Some of us love it, and some of us hate it. I’ve loved each day single lady or not.

This month can provoke powerful reactions in your heart and is the perfect reminder to cherish yourself and all those who love you back.

How different would life be if you shut the people in your life out and never allowed them the room to walk in? Leave your heart open, you never know what lesson the next beautiful soul you cross paths with is going to open you to.

'Eating Disorders'- What The Doctor Doesn't Tell You... (2)

3. March — Be Playful…

…And do more of what you want, and what feels good to you.

Listen instead of speaking, ask people questions, you never know who you might just be about to connect with, what new experience you’re going to witness in the next few minutes, and the power that is going to have on what happens next.

'Eating Disorders'- What The Doctor Doesn't Tell You... (6)

4. April — Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Invite the critic to the party. When she keeps calling and calling, let her in and listen to what she has to say.

Observe what’s going on inside. How does it feel? What thoughts come up? Is there a sinking feeling in the gut? A tightness?

Check-in and listen to non-judgemental awareness and allow it to exist.

When you feel something in your gut, or hear a screaming in your mind — don’t ignore it, it will always expose the truth to you eventually.


5. May — It’s Ok To Say ‘No’

Saying no means making room for more YESSES!

It means putting you and your health first. It means finding out who the true gems are in your life. It means being assertive and confident and having control. It means doing more of what you want to do. It means not being taken for granted. It means having respect.

So if you find it hard to say no — just listen to what you feel on the inside,

Do you WANT to say yes? Or do you want to say NO?

Be true to YOU, and the rest will follow


6. June — Humans Can’t Thrive (Or Survive) Without Connection

June marked almost 2 years since I moved away from where I grew up, and I always used to think I was ‘homesick’, but it was confused for something deeper.

It was never actually about ‘home’ — it was about my instinctive human need for love, connection and security.

Find healthy ways to meet your needs and deepen the relationships with the ones around you already.



7. July — Give Yourself Permission To Be Curious

People always preach — ‘do what you’re passionate about.’

I preach — be curious. Finding a passion isn’t a goal, it isn’t a destination, it’s a process.

What makes you tick? What motivates you? What are the values that guide the direction of your life? You figure things out as you go along, not all at once.

And maybe you might discover your passion, or maybe you won’t, at least you can be certain that you’ll learn a ton about yourself along the way.

'Eating Disorders'- What The Doctor Doesn't Tell You... (17)

8. August — I Love My Routine And That’s Just Fine

Routine is not the enemy.

Routine makes me get out of bed. Starts my day off right and ends it just as well.

It allows me to get stuff DONE.

It keeps my mental wellbeing in a good state.

It helps me be my best self.

It keeps me energised and on top of my game.

And it allows me to have the room to be the spontaneous girl I do like to un-leash and set my creative flame on fire.

It keeps my body moving and sleeping the right amount of hours so I don’t feel dead by 11 am.

Loving your routine doesn’t mean you’re boring or missing out on the day — It means you’re living a life that works for you and makes you feel great.


9. September — Being Alive Is A Gift…

…Take advantage of it!

One thing in life that’s certain is this — one day you’re gonna die. We’re all gonna die. I don’t mean to be morbid, it’s just fact.

These 3 words are so significant. If you’re not conscious of your own mortality, then how can you attempt to live?

When you take a positive spin on those 3 words, it can move you to do extraordinary things.

I don’t want to just go through the motions in life. I don’t want to be complacent, stagnant, passive and inactive in this life journey of mine.


10. October — Believe In The Beauty Of Your Words

Because there’s always someone out there who needs to hear them right in this moment. You don’t have to write them for anyone else but you.

The impact on self and others can be life-changing. What’s holding you back?


11. November — Everything In Life Happens For You, Not To You

I’ll be open about it. I had and have PTSD, but this year I’ve stepped into calling it something different PTG — Post Traumatic Growth, not stress.

Welcome ‘pain’ into your home like it’s your best friend and don’t allow it not to leave until ‘pain’ has taught you what you need to know. And then welcome it back in again when you’re ready to learn (and grow) even more, all over again.

There is SO much beauty in pain if you just open up your eyes and see.

To truly heal from pain, we must kiss it and hold it lovingly from its root all the way up.


12. December — Being Vulnerable Is Strength

…Not weakness. Drop your mask for it is an unnecessary weight. Replace your hard exterior with one that is sturdy, but tender.

Let people in, connect, your world will feel lighter, even if it’s just a little.


I learnt SO much, but I’ll share with you this one thing to sum it all up…

Listen to the lessons this life you’re living is presenting to you, you always have the power to choose what it is you do next.

I cannot wait to embark on a deeper journey with myself this year — 2018 is going to be the year of stepping into my true fierce power and lighting the flame.

What did 2017 teach you?…

Big love to you,

Amy xo

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