Day 7 of 2018: Something Beautiful Happens When You Do This…

“When your gut reaches out to you,
When that voice in your mind whispers,
Speaks, screams, cries,
At you,
The truth always reveals itself.” – Amy Pope

I was coming to the end of a Yoga class.

We had just finished a gentle exercise where you sway your shoulders left to right, for 3 minutes.

And when the 3-minute timer countdown came to an end, as I took a deep breath in, lowered my arms, and placed my hands on my knees in meditation pose — something began to happen…

Silent tears trickled down my face — uncontrollably.

I didn’t weep, I didn’t move, I didn’t make a sound, and most importantly of all — I didn’t resist.

This feeling isn’t unknown to me.

When I did Yoga years ago this happened.

And whenever I go to sit in silence to meditate — this can happen.

Probably why I have a hard time sitting still in the silence, right?

But this time was different.

I’ve resisted enough in the past, and that’s never done me any good — so, this time I decided to let go and just… be.

Here’s something I’ve realised over the last few years, and what all began to make sense in this moment of finally, ‘letting go’… And I want to share it with you too:

You have to experience being alone. You have to embrace the ‘loneliness’, sit in the silence, and stop resisting — to understand that everything you’ve searched for in everything outside of yourself, can be found within.

Being alone isn’t a negative thing, for you are never truly alone. Sometimes it can feel terrifying (which is why until that Yoga session, I would always resist, stop, and carry on distracting myself). It can hurt, it can make you burst into tears — but sometimes you need to feel it to reveal exactly what you’ve been needing to know, to move forward, to grow, and step into your true power.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the silence. In fact, I have only truly uncovered parts of myself in the silence.

Sometimes you have to let go to find everything you’ve been looking for, to expose yourself to YOU, to listen to your screaming, not your calling.

We search for love and we search for connection — when all along love and connection begins with you before it can truly happen next with others before you can truly deepen relationships.

If you’re reading this — please know that it’s safe (and highly liberating) to find peace in solitude, to make ’loneliness’ something different that doesn’t feel like ‘loneliness’ feels at all—and turn it into your paradise where you can just be.

Everything you want to achieve is almost, always on the other side of yourself getting in your own way.

Don’t wait to learn this lesson, read this over and over again — next time the silence feels loud and uncomfortable, don’t run away from it, run into it, and sit with it instead.

Lotsa love to you ❤️

Amy xoxo


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