Evolving From Pain — Why You Should Never Waste It

Today’s post is short and sweet — but powerful…

“Pain without transformation, is pain wasted.”

Preach that 🙌

I listened to the beautiful @elizabeth_gilbert_writer and @oprah the other morning dropping bombs of life wisdom on Oprah’s a podcast (SuperSoul Conversations) during my morning walk… And I couldn’t help but smile and nod my head in agreement as soon as those words were spoken.

For years I’ve held this life fact true to my heart.

And I just hope that every soul on this planet will see the truth in it someday too.

We’re on this earth to GROW. 🌷

That, I believe is our souls’ purpose.

To evolve from the lessons our soul has yet to learn and to deepen our connection with our purpose (or at least take the steps to be curious in seeking our purpose).

To look at every experience that enters our story (especially the painful ones) and ask — what is the lesson this experience is teaching me?

That’s where true personal growth happens.

That’s where beauty is born.

So take your pain and TRANSFORM 🌞

Take control of what you can in your life.

Please don’t waste it, embrace it. It’s showing you something.

It’s always, showing you something 💛

Love and light to you,

Amy ❤️ xo

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