Letting Go Of Negativity To Live Your Best Life ✨


One of the most precious things we have in our existence is time.

And I don’t want to waste it.

I’ve made a pact with myself from this moment on, to not spend it doing what I don’t want to do (when I can control it).

A soul in a darker place than I tiptoed his way into my world a few months back. Actually, I’ve allowed myself to get pulled into other people’s self-dysfunction and darkness many times in this life…

…and each time I’ve felt the pull of their darkness, grip its hands around my ankles so tight, trying to pull me down into the dark away from my light.

But you need to be the light for yourself and others if you’re to live with true passion and intent.

What I’ve learnt is this — as soon as you feel it in your gut, that something isn’t right, it probably isn’t right.

As soon as you hear yourself tell yourself to get out, to let go… Listen.

Doubt exists for good reason, to keep you on the path you’re meant to dance.

So next time I know for sure someone is showing up trying to drain me of my energy, I’m going to dance back onto my path gracefully away, with compassion (that’s my key here).

It’s ok to say no. And it’s definitely ok to guard your own self.

I’m learning to let go of the guilt of saying ‘no’, because if one thing’s for sure — I want to shine my light bright, for as long as I’m here.

Shine on, beauty. ✨❤️

Love and light to you,

Amy ❤️ xo

cfb59-1ae7huobladq4zvco-afo5aI’m the Brand Strategist and Head of Marketing for Paul Gough Media — what we do?

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