You Hold The ‘Key’ — Breaking Free From ‘Bluebeard’

There were days I have been naive,
There were days I have been wide-eyed, and trusting,
There were days I rebelled against my Wild Woman instinct,
Played with danger,
And ignored her call.
But now I see you ‘Bluebeard’.
I recognize your soul.
And now that I have faced the darkness,
Now that I have spat out your bones,
Recognised your calling for initiation,
And untangled myself from your lies,
I am no longer a force to be reckoned with.

-Amy Pope ✨


This poem was inspired by Clarissa Penkola’s perfectly written explanation of the tale of ‘Bluebeard’, from her book — Women Who Run With the Wolves.

When you recognize the tale of Bluebeard in your psyche and face it, you’ll find yourself stepping into your true power. ❤

Love and light to you,

Amy xo


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