An Open Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

This letter is long overdue. We’ve known each other almost 26 years, and it’s taken me this long to finally realise how incredible you are.

A couple of weeks ago while laying in bed, I all of a sudden had a newfound gratitude for you.

You’re my sou’s’ passport to a safe space to check-in, to feel, and understand my way out of whatever hardship I may be experiencing…

I’m not going to write an apology to you because I know you don’t want me to — for the behaviours I conjured up, kept you and me alive, until they were no longer needed.

So here are a few words I want to say to you, every part of you:

Thank you stomach for your fiery energy, for giving my soul access to it’s sharp intuition, to guide its way on.

Thank you for giving me the signal to know when it’s time to uncover what needs to be heard, and for ringing your alarm bells even louder when I resisted, to bring my awareness to what action I’m going to consciously make next.

Thank you lungs for being the seat where grief is always invited to pull out a chair and sit, you are my souls greatest tool in accessing and releasing pent-up emotions.

Thank you breath for being the gateway back into the physical body, and for being the key to bringing the mind, body, and soul back to the only certain thing that exists — this very moment.

Thank you for allowing the pause in the space between my inhale and exhale — showing me I have the choice to choose how I react, rather than respond.

Thank you physical mind for giving me the frequency to tune into and for delivering messages through whispered language. Your vibrations allow me to be the witness, to be present, and to transform from ‘worrier’ to ‘Warrior’.

Thank you to every cell in this physical body, which once was a crime scene, for allowing feelings to be FELT. For giving traumas and dramas the ground to be healed. For letting the soul transform, evolve, to move through the highs and lows, to surrender, and to accept that all fate brings a powerful lesson that I can choose to walk with, or walk away from.

You grant the soul a choice to move, flow, dance… to be wiser.

Thank you.

Be patient with me while I come back to you.

I lost sight of you for so long but you never let me forget – that no matter what we go through… you’re unconditionally, there.

Here’s to becoming your greatest friend,

Amy xo

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