The Healing Diaries: Day 117 ‘Binge Eating’ Free

It’s Global Sadhana day 14 and Day 117 since what I once called ‘binge eating disorder’ and I broke up, and decided to rekindle our relationship in a whole new light.

And I guess this is the part where things get real. Things get raw, dark, sharp… where the sunsets on this day, waiting for the new beautiful sun to RISE. 

With each day as I fall into grace with this soul-nourishing global sadhana, and as I continue to transform my relationship with past demons and this skin I’m in… I begin to release.

I release layers of me.

Thin layers. Peeling layers. And thick layers.

In this moment, it’s a thick layer that is asking me to listen, feel and let go.

This is the part that’s testing me. This is the part that’s pushing me towards a new level of growth.

This is the part where the tide has gone out, where parts of me that were sleeping are waking, where wounds are opening, where I finally see that being strong does not mean I am weak when I fall to my knees… and crave the arms of love to embrace me.

It is now that a new harvest can begin.

It is now that I no longer silence what breathes within.

And even though this new territory terrifies me, I am going to step into the Wild with curiosity, hold my hand, hug all parts of me, take a deep breath, and leap.

I’m so eager to see what is going to be revealed next.

All the love (and hugs), my loves! 

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