The Healing Diaries: Day 122 ‘Binge Eating Disorder’ Free

42626071_10156710983300120_8301653230291517440_nHello Global Sadhana Day 21, and welcome day 122 of rekindling my relationship with “Binge Eating Disorder”… and turning us into the best teammates this life has ever seen.  and with each post I write, I truly hope it reaches someone who needs to hear this so they know they can move on through their journey too…

The sun has just risen over the halfway point of this gorgeous 40 Day movement, and with that comes the perfect moment to pause and reflect on where we’ve been, and what we’ve done so far…

For me, this Sadhana couldn’t have arrived at a more powerful time.

Through this dance, I have learned how to come back into the body with abandon. 

I have learned to trust what has been simmering underneath and am allowing it to be heard.

I am learning that it is safe to fall down and risk grazing my knees, for we are all here cheering each other on.

And wherever I go, and whatever I do in those moments I become disconnected from all parts of me… this entire self is right here (and always has been) holding my hand, and it only takes one deep inhale, and full exhale, to return home sweet home again 

I remember being warned that the 120 mark when it comes to letting go of a habit that no longer serves you, could get a little rocky… I kept an open mind…

And the rocky road is here. (Hiya!) 

Each day for the last two weeks I have had to face it off, welcome the tug to ‘give into binge’ (and NOT do it) with arms wide open, squeeze it with all my love and let it know that I’m not going anywhere, that I’m sitting ready to hear it all… that it doesn’t need to show up fiercely anymore, scared that I’m going to lose touch – because I sure haven’t come this far to give up now!

And at this halfway mark, and critical moment on my journey I realise to keep growing, healing, and walking on… it’s time to shed another layer. 

So now that I have committed to coming back to this wonderful, strong, healthy body… I feel the pull to commit to my voice. My truth. (Even sharing this very image, is speaking my truth!)

It is here that I refuse to hush my voice anymore. And understand how to communicate it all in the most loving of ways… and stop pushing it down, ignoring it, saving it for ‘another day.’

No, screw that.

So with that said, while I reflect on these last 21, and 123 days I want to say thank you for this global movement and this amazing meditation – it’s transforming my life and that of soooo many others.

Thank you. It has and is truly holding me so softly through one of the HARDEST breakups of my life – one with an old part of mySELF.

There really are big, bright diamonds underneath the dust.

Keep on keeping up people!  you all xo


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