Dear November…

Dear November,

You’re coming to a close and I just want to thank you by taking a moment to reflect…

You’ve held my hand and waltzed with me into the arena of feeling into my own power.

You’ve embraced me with your love as I’ve stepped boldly into the world, wearing my journey wholeheartedly on my sleeve, and on my head (quite literally) as I made the commitment to wrap my crown upon my head, daily. 👳‍♀️💛

You’ve given me space to shed superficial layers that were holding me back.

You’ve presented me with a dance floor to soar across with complete abandon  💃 and move this body like nobody’s watching in a room full of beautiful, beautiful people.

You’ve led me to KNOW that having a body is heaven on Earth and that it’s so ok to occupy the space I’m in.

You’ve given me the opportunity to travel with a team I adore and be next to all of the incredible business owners who allow us to be a part of their journey with them.❤️

You’ve planted the seed for new friendships and presented me with moments that I’ll cherish forever.💕

And most of all, you’ve carried me forth to day 190 of being more tender and loving to the ALL of me, surrendering an eating disorder and allowing the past to move on through me, with grace.

Thank you, November. I know some days it’s been a bumpy ride, but you’ve been a mighty one. And thank you to all of the souls who have danced through it alongside me.

I have so much love for you all ❤️


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