205 Days Binge Eating Free


When you say no to “compulsive eating” in the moments you lose touch with yourSelf – no matter how many days free you are from using this addiction – it doesn’t mean the pull to turn to it isn’t there.

Heck no.

Not for me anyway.

Somedays it’s as if compulsive/binge eating and I had never met.

Somedays we’re friends and she has great respect for my needs.

Somedays I feel empowered Knowing I’ve completely got this.

Somedays it’s a fight where I feel as if she’s got me in a chokehold, but I manage to tap out.

And somedays… somedays it’s EXHAUSTING, like she’s a little child nag, nag, nag, nagging at me ALL.DAY.LONG. until I snap (give in) – but I don’t.

I fall. I get back UP.
I sink. I SOAR.
I lay down. I RISE. 🔥

And the cycle continues.

And the truth I’ve found in letting go of all of this.heavy.stuff is this:

When you no longer believe that stuffing your body with food will save your life when you feel overwhelmed, lonely and tired – you’ll stop.

When you know that you are MORE than the mind and the body – you will stop.

When you no longer cling your worth to the shape of the body – you will stop.

And, when you FINALLY believe in the power of yourself – you will stop.

Each time I feel that urge to turn to food I know that she’s (Binge) is helping me become aware of something I’ve turned my back on, or haven’t become aware of yet, and I’m about to see something new about my personal truth. 💛

Relax into the discomfort my love. Truth, not resistance – will always guide you on your way.

Always cheering you on.

Amy xo 😘

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