14 Things I Learned In 2018 💕

 D E A R 2 0 1 8


As I sit here reflecting on 2018 I find a million different truths and lessons I’ve experienced springing to mind – this took some effort to STOP myself from writing a book on each one and condense them into 12 (ok, well maybe 14 😝…)

This year has truly been one of deepening connection, coming home to all parts of me, and discovering higher meaning outside myself – I love every single one of you who have been a part of this 2018 Wild journey, my cup is overspilling with gratitude for lighting the way.

With that said, here are my 14 biggest takeaways:

• 1. When you change your narrative from “My Mind” and “My Body” to “The Mind”, “The Body” – something magical happens and like “open sesame”, the doors to liberation swing wide open

• 2. Turbans feel great 👳🏻, it’s my most trustworthy tool to help me find my center – and it keeps my head together, literally 😛

• 3. Our coping mechanisms aren’t really the monsters we label them to be – actually they once kept us alive in times of need. What a damn good job they do.

• 4. Freedom from addictions IS possible, we just have to be willing to face them head on, a listen to what simmers underneath.

• 5. Instead of using food to AVOID discomfort, I’ve been learning how to use it as a lens to see almost everything I had (and have been) avoiding

• 6. The answer to “how am I going to get through this” – is allowing yourself to cry, to wail, to feel as if your heart is being stabbed and BREATHE on through it – I promise you got this.

• 7. The Body is one brilliant creation, and having one IS Heaven on Earth

• 8. I am not the Mind, I am not the Body, I am not the Thoughts, I am not the EGO – I simply have a mind, body, thoughts, and ego, and they’re my greatest guides

• 9. The other person is you – people are the greatest reflection of what’s going on inside of you 🔮

• 10. I found ME on my Yoga mat – and I will never see this life the same again, the doors to mySelf have been opened.

• 11. The pause between an inhale and exhale – is where you’ll find a lot of answers, a lot, and they come in all sorts of feels and wisdom.

• 12. I started to examine the intention between my saying yes when I really meant no – and although I’m still practising, I know that every time I trust my “no”, I stand for who I truly am and beat the disease to please.

• 13. Finding a Tribe of open-minded, crazy cool humans – helps give you the courage to be the most authentic version of you, you were always intended to be.

• 14. You CAN do anything you put your WHOLE self into – I never imagined I’d be waking at 4am, taking a cold shower doing daily meditation. Helping to launch 2 #1 best selling books with more to come, and dancing in a room of strangers like no one is watching.

I love love LOVE you all, and I’m giving you the biggest virtual squeeze!!

Sat nam beautiful peeps! 

And please share with me some of the greatest things you’ve loved about your 2018 

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