I just got home from the most nourishing weekend with some of the most nourishing people, where we rested, laughed, danced, got blissfully high on life, and celebrated Imbolc – the space between Winter and Spring, and rebirth of the Sun 🔥

…and on Friday night we were invited to share something from the heart. I shared this with the rising dawn family first, and now I’m going to share it here… here’s to a powerful and amazing February ❤️ I’m going to continue with the theme of surrender (and sprinkle it with courage 👊) – what’s your word going to be?



“There’s a fire in this belly
be here now
be here now

There’s a thunder beating this heart
be here now
be here now

There’s a trembling in these hands
be here now
be here now

There’s a bleeding in this young soul
be here now
be here now

There’s a heavy memory
in the dark dark circles
that sit underneath these eyes

There’s a permanent scar etched within this mind,
on these arms, this back, this face,
behind my… smile.

But this isn’t a story of sadness as it may have initially been,
oh no,
This is a story of rising,
A story of conquest,

Because as I have witnessed this mind,
wanting to stuff an entire bottle,
of squirty cream down this throat,
To rapidly tear open 1, 2, 3 or even 4 family sized bars of Cadbury’s dairy milk,
to suffocate and drown out this soul that I am…,

I have come to KNOW,
that this calling to fill up this body with food,
isn’t a door slam,
it’s a door opening,

A door opening so wonderfully wide,
To the land of greater capacity to LOVE this self,
this WHOLE self,
and the ALL of others around me –

Now that imbolc is here,
I can turn the key,
A follow the breadcrumb trial the leads,
to the temple of ALL of me.

To kiss the pain that has been carried
From the root up.
To feel it
To heal it
And no longer seal it.

Dear ones,
The more you slow the pace,
the more you slow down time,
the more you drop into the exquisite organisation of your being – a great holy territory…
The more you do that
You will draw out the unknown,
and it WILL become KNOWN.

Way back then I tried to throw in the towel,
Cos’ digging into the dark,
to find the light, ain’t easy,
It can be pretty damn scary
And it’s all too tempting to throw the covers over your head
And go back to bed
Though God soon threw that towel right back to me,
And told me to wipe this sweet face,
Because, he said, you’re almost there.

So dear ones,
Take the leap of faith
To do the work,
To guide others to their truth,
To speak your truth,
Feel the quickening,
The kindle of joy,
That is lit underneath,
When you feel this.

Break free.
BREAK free.
Break FREE.
The time is now,
The You within YOU
And this world around you
Has been waiting,
to feel your roar.
My darling now is the time,
To rise tall and soar.

Plant your footsteps
on mother Earth
Imbolc is the time,
For one bright re-birth.

Wahe Guru
Wahe Jio”

– Yours in Solid Truth and love, Satya Kalyan.

Sat Nam ❤️🔥

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