Embracing The Next Part

A little something that came through me – from my internal mother, to my inner child who is wriggling out of old skin right now – on the night of the new moon…

Prose from the soul ~ 🌚🌹
• embracing the next part •

Rest here with me,
Let go,
And move on through with me.
There’s no need to push anymore.
Be open to
A new way of living
that you’ve never danced before.
I know it may feel scary
But it’s time to close the doors.

Blow a kiss to all that used to be.
Pour out your heart
And piece by piece we will
make the rain jealous with torrential tears
and water the seeds that have been waiting…
Waiting for you to step bravely
into your own,
I know those old parts
once gave you refuge
They kept you ‘safe’
But now if you run, they’ll keep you stuck in a familiar place.

Be wild with me
Let go
Breathe into yourself
Inhale deeper than you’ve ever
allowed before
And stretch out of that old skin
Everything that you’re experiencing
Is setting you up to win.
Embrace the infinite,
Step into the uncertainty
with sweet curiosity,
Move deeper,
Loosen your grip
That’s kept you holding on,

My darling I love the ALL of you,
But now it’s time to loosen the chains,
It’s time to move gracefully on.
These parts are simply showing up,
Guiding you to your true home. ❤️

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