Hi my name’s Amy, and here’s a fun fact for ya’ – I have a fraction in my name. For real.

I’m the Head of Marketing and Community Manager for Paul Gough Ltd, and manage everything Marketing and Content for the Paul Gough Physio Rooms .

Why did I start this blog? Simple – I LOVE to write. And I want to get better, and better, and better at it.

But it goes deeper than that…

I want to write the words I wish were written for me. For those moments I felt lost, unsure, and when I was scared to step outside my comfort-zone to become the best version of me.

Because I know that’s not just me. That’s pretty much everyone.

So if I can spark a little inspiration in you, and help you see what’s possible for yourself – that’s my mission accomplished.

A little more about who I am?

I love to create stuff. I prefer the sunrise to a sunset. I’m a big fan of front squats and deadlifts. Meditation anytime of day. My coffee strong and sweet. Sparkly water. Organic eggs and bacon. Self-learning. Karaoke parties in my car (with myself). Doggies. Capturing moments. Baths way too hot I can’t handle it. America. ❤️

If this blog resonates with you, give me a follow and comment on my posts. Not just for ‘me’, but I want to know more about YOU, and dive into the words you want to share with the world.

We’re in this together ✌️

Lots of love,

Amy xo.

P.S. I’m also available for content writing, article editing, and guest posts – email me: amyelizabethpope@hotmail.com to find out more.

Follow me over on instagram by following @worldofa and drop me a comment so we can connect 🙂

I want to connect with you ALL.