I just got home from the most nourishing weekend with some of the most nourishing people, where we rested, laughed, danced, got blissfully high on life, and celebrated Imbolc - the space between Winter and Spring, and rebirth of the Sun 🔥 ...and on Friday night we were invited to share something from the heart. I … Continue reading BE HERE NOW

Evolving From Pain — Why You Should Never Waste It

Today’s post is short and sweet — but powerful… “Pain without transformation, is pain wasted.” Preach that 🙌 I listened to the beautiful @elizabeth_gilbert_writer and @oprah the other morning dropping bombs of life wisdom on Oprah’s a podcast (SuperSoul Conversations) during my morning walk… And I couldn’t help but smile and nod my head in agreement as soon as those words … Continue reading Evolving From Pain — Why You Should Never Waste It